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During a live stream event for investors on Wednesday, Paramount+ announced that Star Trek: Prodigy, the very first Star Trek show to target a youth audience, will release by the end of the year. In an accompanying press release, Paramount+ revealed new details about the show and gave fans their first look at the Prodigy crew.

Here’s everything you need to know.

A Brand New Kind of Crew

First look at the "Star Trek: Prodigy" crew

CBS All Access

The concept behind Prodigy has been unique since its inception. It’s the first Star Trek series that’s not just kid-friendly, but for kids. The crew is comprised of a bunch of teenaged rebels looking for trouble. This ragtag crew will start their journey without a captain on a commandeered ship. The premise is unlike any previous Star Trek show.

Yesterday’s press release revealed that Prodigy will be even more unique. It will be the first show to feature an entirely non-human crew, as shown in the incredible first look photo above. Most Star Trek crews are primarily human with a smattering of non-human crew members. In the newer shows, like Star Trek: Discovery, more non-human beings have crewed the ships than ever before. However, even in Discovery, the bridge is filled mostly with humans.

The majority human crew makeup has always made sense in Star Trek lore because the stories are following Starfleet crews. Since Starfleet Academy is still located on Earth, it follows that more of the graduates would be human than non-human.

So, why the completely non-human crew for Prodigy? Because the show will be breaking yet another Star Trek convention. Prodigy’s crew members are not affiliated with Starfleet in any way. In fact, they don’t know much, if anything, about Starfleet.

As the press release stated, “…over the course of their adventures together, they will each be introduced to Starfleet and the ideals it represents.”

This leads to the next question on every fan’s mind. What about Captain Janeway?

Where’s Janeway?

At New York ComicCon in October 2020, Kate Mulgrew, who played Captain Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager, announced that she would be joining the cast of Prodigy. Though she didn’t give many details, she did say that she would be helping the motley crew of teenagers find themselves and their values as their unofficial captain. Fans were delighted to hear that the beloved captain would be making her return to the Star Trek universe.

When the first look at the Prodigy crew was released yesterday, many fans wondered why Captain Janeway was absent from the photo. Dan and Kevin Hageman, the creators and two of the showrunners of Prodigy, responded to the clamor for Janeway on Twitter. They pointed out that they didn’t want the reveal of Janeway to overshadow the reveal of the rest of the crew. They also promised that a first look at an animated Janeway would come soon.

Given the focus on the unique nature of the crew and the story in the Paramount+ press release, it makes sense that the reveal of the crew was done separately. Plus, this gives Paramount+ and the showrunners another chance to do a big reveal down the line, closer to the release of the show.

How Will Fans get Episodes of ‘Prodigy’?

Both the press release and the live stream confirmed that Prodigy will be releasing in late 2021. They also revealed a change of plans about the release of the show. Prodigy was originally supposed to launch on Nickelodeon before heading to the then CBS All Access streaming platform.

With the launch of the Paramount+ streaming platform, the decision was made to switch the order of the show’s release. Prodigy will be available on Paramount+ before it heads to Nickelodeon. The press release didn’t give specifics about how long the show will be exclusive to Paramount+ before it’s available on Nickelodeon.

The live stream event and the press release also delivered some updates about other Star Trek shows expected to release this year and beyond.

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