What’s Happening with the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Section 31 Spinoff?

Michelle Yeoh as Section 31 agent Philippa Georgiou in "Star Trek: Discovery"

Russ Martin/CBS Michelle Yeoh as Section 31 agent Philippa Georgiou in "Star Trek: Discovery"

Rumors about a “Star Trek: Discovery” spinoff series focusing on the Starfleet Black Ops group Section 31 have been circulating since the fall of 2018. In November of that year, Deadline reported that Michelle Yeoh, who played Phillipa Georgiou in “Discovery,” was in talks with CBS All Access about her own series.

Since then, Yeoh, “Star Trek’s” showrunners, and the studio have all continued to tease the series. In January of 2019, CBS All Access officially announced an unnamed Section 31 themed show and confirmed that Yeoh would star. Later that month, Treksphere reported that the series had started pre-production.

Unfortunately, everything was derailed by the pandemic just a few months later. Little was said about the series for months as the behind-the-scenes teams figured out how to work amid the pandemic.

In August 2020, during an interview with Gold Derby, “Star Trek” boss Alex Kurtzman, gave a quick update on the show. He said that the Trek writing team was still working on story ideas and scripts amid the pandemic. However, he didn’t give any indication of how much work they’d gotten done.

Another solid update on the show didn’t come until February of 2021. In an interview with Variety, Kurtzman indicated that discussions about the Section 31 show were still happening. However, he stated that the show likely would not head into production until one of the current shows wraps. Essentially, he said that the project was put on the back burner.

Fans didn’t get any new information about the show until the spring of 2021 when Yeoh and “Discovery” star Shazad Latif both gave quick updates.

Yeoh Says Georgiou Isn’t Done Yet

Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou; Alan Van Sprang as Leland of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY

CBS All Access

In the third season of “Discovery,” Georgiou went through the Guardian of Forever’s gateway, presumably to travel back to her own universe and time. However, her destination was purposely left vague in order to set up her appearance in the Section 31 spinoff.

In an interview with The Pod Directive in April 2021, Yeoh made it clear that fans will see Georgiou again.

“I think when she went through the portal [the second] time, for me it’s like saying ‘Goodbye, until we meet again.’ Because this is Star Trek. Who knows? One day Emperor Georgiou is going to find out that Michael Burnham is like in dire straits or the other way around and something has to be done. I don’t know, but I’m just putting it out there… Carl has said to her, ‘You have another journey to undertake.’ And it’s so obvious you have more things to do. It’s not going to be a smooth ride. It will be bumpy. It will be full of heartaches. It will be full of pain. But I think it’s true. That is life… So I think there’s so much more possibilities for Georgiou. And I know my executive producers and showrunners and writers have a lot more things in store for such an amazing character.”

She didn’t give any specific information about how her character will reappear or indicate that her return would be for the Section 31 series. However, as CBS All Access has already announced the series with her at the lead, it’s likely she was referring to Section 31. Georgiou may also show up in further seasons of “Discovery.”

Shazad Latif Says Conversations Are Happening

Director, Jonathan Frakes; Shazad Latif as Lieutenant Ash Tyler; Sonequa Martin-Green as First Officer Michael Burnham of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY

CBS All Access

Latif, who played Ash/Voq in seasons one and two of “Discovery,” also gave a quick update on the Section 31 spinoff while promoting his new project in May 2021. He told Digital Spy he’d heard some vague conversations about the show.

“It’s just been slight yeses, slight questions, but I’ve no idea. I think it’s down to people’s schedules. I spoke to Ethan Peck briefly the other day. He’s started the other one, and that’s about it.”

Peck plays Spock and is currently working on filming “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,” which is set to debut next year. Latif’s comments make it sound like though conversations about the show are ongoing, there’s nothing concrete in the works right now.

Yeoh and Latif’s updates were vague, but they both indicated that the show is still slated to happen at some point. Fans will have to keep their fingers crossed.

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