‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Lead Says TOS Fans Should be ‘Very Excited’ About Season One

Samora Smallwood as Lt. Amin; Ethan Peck as Spock; Rebecca Romijn as Number One; Anson Mount as Captain Pike of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY

Russ Martin/CBS Samora Smallwood as Lt. Amin; Ethan Peck as Spock; Rebecca Romijn as Number One; Anson Mount as Captain Pike of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY

On Wednesday, Anson Mount took to Twitter to gush about the first season of “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.” The actor is reprising his role as Captain Pike in the latest installment of the Paramount+Star Trek” franchise.

In the tweet, Mount said that fans of the older “Star Trek” shows will be “very excited” about what they’re doing with the show’s first season.

Appealing to ‘Old School Fans’

In many ways, “Strange New Worlds” seems like a conscious effort on the part of the showrunners and writers to appeal to classic Trek fans.

The story centers on familiar characters from “Star Trek: The Original Series,” including Captain Pike, Mr. Spock (Ethan Peck), and Number One (Rebecca Romijn). The format will deviate from the serialized style that defines both “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Star Trek: Picard” by returning to the episodic, adventure-of-the-week format that “The Original Series” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” used. Romijn recently revealed that “there are so many Easter eggs on this show,” and insisted that the show will be “a little bit lighter” than the other Trek series currently on the air.

Mount’s newest tweet is just the latest hint that the show’s target audience is the classic Trek fans that they might have lost with “Discovery” and “Picard.” His teaser that “old school fans” will be “very excited to see what we’re trying to pull off” could suggest that there’s a major TOS homage in the season one finale.

A Production Update

Mount’s tweet also included a quick production update. He revealed that they were beginning to film scenes for the season one finale. In the replies to the tweet, a curious fan speculated that since filming for the last episode had begun, filming could be complete as early as next week.

Mount actually took the time to reply.

“We don’t shoot THAT fast, brother. Most eps require 12+ days of shooting not including pick-ups and/or 2nd unit.”

According to MediaCollege.com, pick-ups, or pick-up shots, are footage that gets filmed after all the primary scenes have been shot. Pick-ups are filmed for many reasons, including having extra footage for the editing process, getting a better quality shot of a piece of a scene, or capturing a scene from a different angle.

Second unit crews are responsible for shooting filler footage and footage that doesn’t involve the show’s main cast, according to The American Society of Cinematographers. The second unit team often films things like scenery shots, footage specifically needed for visual effects, shots that involve miniatures or models, and aerial footage.

So, Mount’s reply indicates that there’s still a lot more work to do before filming wraps on “Strange New Worlds.” It looks like the main cast and crew will be filming for at least a couple more weeks. Then extra footage will need to be shot. Mount didn’t specify how long that usually takes.

This tracks with information from the Director’s Guild of Canada, which indicated that the show was set to complete filming toward the end of July.

When Will Fans Get to See ‘Strange New Worlds’

Expansion Continues In The Star Trek Universe | Paramount+Star Trek has inspired a new brighter future of adventure, exploration and acceptance. Within the last 3 years that future has expanded with Paramount+ originals and continues with two new adventures, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and Star Trek: Prodigy. Start streaming every episode of every series in the Star Trek Universe, exclusively on Paramount+…2021-02-24T22:15:54Z

Paramount+ has not officially given “Strange New Worlds” a release date. It’s also one of the only Trek shows that doesn’t even have a trailer out yet. Footage from the show was included in a “Star Trek” universe teaser video released at a Paramount+ investor meeting in February, but the show hasn’t released its own dedicated trailer yet.

However, if the show finishes filming at the end of July, it could still release by the end of the year. The production team likely has a few episodes ready to go, and they could finish post-production as the season progresses.

Of course, this is just speculation for now. With “Star Trek: Prodigy” premiering by the end of the year along with new seasons of “Star Trek: Lower Decks” and “Discovery,” there’s plenty of new “Star Trek” look forward to in 2021. Paramount+ might hold “Strange New Worlds” so they can start 2022 with a bang.

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