Which Classic Villains Will Return for “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” Season 2?

Mudd, Kor, and Khan

Paramount Mudd, Kor, and Khan

The dust has finally settled on the season that was “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.” By most accounts, this new show — based on the very first “Star Trek” ideas — is among the best first seasons in Trek history. Thanks to the brilliance of the cast and crew, “Strange New Worlds” ranks as the top Trek show — even above the beloved “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

Anson Mount certainly enjoyed a level of popularity as Captain Christopher Pike, which his recent predecessors (Sonqua Martin-Green and Patrick Stewart) have been unable to avoid. In fact, the “Captain Michael Burnham” actress even addressed the unhappiness of many fans recently:

“The fanbase for the franchise as a whole and the fanbase for ‘Discovery’ in particular is a highly intellectual, loyal crowd,” Martin-Green told the Radio Times in a July 7, 2022 interview. “These are very intelligent people who have such a depth of passion and heart and loyalty to the franchise, so they have an ownership; they’ve carried it with them for years, and it’s meant a lot to them.”

Mount breezed through Season 1 without the grouchiness of some Trek fans, which Martin-Green and Stewart have endured. The same goes for Pike’s crew, including Rebecca Romijn (Una) and Ethan Peck (Spock). Perhaps the angriest fan moment was when Hemmer (Bruce Horak) died. 

All of that together meant both a success for Paramount and the showrunners, Henry Alonso Myers and Akiva Goldsman. After a successful first season, what might the duo have in store for Season 2? Luckily, fans know a little bit about who might menace Pike and his crew next season. 

Khan Noonien Singh 

Star Trek – Space Seed dinner scene2019-03-30T20:05:44Z

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Goldsman said that his favorite episode of Season 1 was the one he directed — “Strange New Worlds,” which was Episode 1. When writer Ryan Parker pressed Goldsman for more details on next season and whether fans might see Khan on the show, he did not deny anything:

“The Paramount rep on the line has an electric staple in my tongue, and I give a wrong word — well, that’s bad for me,” said Goldsman. This obvious dodge could mean anything. But fans know that a relative of Khan is alive and serving aboard the Enterprise with Pike. La’an Noonien-Singh (Christina Chong) is an interesting character with a fascinating back story. 

The Klingons

Captain KolothStar Trek TOS The Trouble with Tribbles2018-02-13T13:48:51Z

On an episode of “The Ready Room,” actor Babs Olusanmokun may have let the jadashha out of the bag. In his appearance with host Wil Wheaton, the Dr. M’Benga actor said that Season 2 of “Strange New Worlds” will dive into “an exploration of [M’Benga’s] contentious relationship with the Klingons.”

Inverse’s Ryan Britt declared this small comment “huge” in an article that followed the slip-up. Interestingly, a quick look at IMDB shows that the first episode of Season 2 of SNW will include an actor named John Marshe, who confirmed his appearance in the episode on Twitter. Marshe may have gotten himself in a bit of hot water as he leaked a photo of himself from the set in what appeared to be Klingon garb

Harry Mudd

Star Trek – Harry Mudd Explains Escape From PrisonStar Trek – Original Series Season 2 Episode 8 – I, Mudd2020-02-04T05:39:17Z

Thanks to the man himself, actor Rain Wilson, fans know there have at least been emails about getting Harcourt Fenton Mudd back onto “Star Trek.” Mudd was initially portrayed by Roger C. Carmel and appeared in both “The Original Series” and “The Animated Series.”

Wilson, who is still known by millions as Dwight K. Schrute from “The Office,” became Mud for “Discovery” and “Short Treks.” After he watched the first episode of “Strange New Worlds,” Wilson emailed Goldsman and said, “‘Hey, bring back Harry Mudd. He would fit right in.’”

According to Big Issue, this might be a problem because Mudd was not introduced into Trek canon until “The Original Series” aired. “Strange New Worlds” takes place before TOS, which would allow Spock to inform Kirk (William Shatner) who Mudd was. Writer Steven McKenzie pressed Wilson, who said: 

“Because in the original series, Spock would have said, ‘I know this man captain. I met him with Captain Christopher Pike. He’s not to be trusted.”

“I guess we just need to get Spock out of the picture,” said Wilson.

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Chris Bartus
Chris Bartus
4 months ago

If Filoni could pull of 7 seasons of Grievous and Anakin not meeting and only make it seem slightly ridiculous, then Goldman can pull off Pike and Mudd having an adventure and Spock never meeting him. Think of it as a challenge!

Chris Bartus
Chris Bartus
4 months ago
Reply to  Chris Bartus

pulls off rather

Chris Bartus
Chris Bartus
4 months ago
Reply to  Chris Bartus

Oh, for pete’s sake. Pull Off!

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