‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Star Reveals New Details About the First Season

Strange New Worlds Bridge Crew

Russ Martin/CBS Samora Smallwood as Lt. Amin; Anson Mount as Captain Pike; Rebecca Romijn as Number One; Ethan Peck as Spock of the CBS All Access series "Star Trek: Discovery"

The newest series in the “Star Trek” franchise, “Star Trek: Strange New Worldsbegan production in February 2021. The stars of the show — Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, and Rebecca Romijn — have been sharing details about the series as production continues. So far, all the details they’ve shared indicate that “Strange New Worlds” will be more reminiscent of “Star Trek: The Original Series” than contemporary “Star Trek.”

In a recent interview with Looper, Romijn dropped some new tidbits that further confirm the show will be a return to “Star Trek’s” roots.

TOS Easter Eggs Galore

Anson Mount as Captain Pike and Rebecca Romijn as Number One in "Star Trek: Discovery"

Russ Martin/CBS

Many “Star Trek” fans have been longing for a new series grounded in “The Original Series” rather than the shows that have branched off the primary material. Though “Star Trek: Discovery” tried to align with the TOS canon, they diverged in ways that left a bad taste in many fans’ mouths. Some of those fans have expressed concern that the new “Star Trek” shows might erase TOS from the “Star Trek” canon by retconning it and replacing it with more modernized content.

However, the stars of “Strange New Worlds” are adamant that the show will revive TOS rather than replace it. Romijn assured fans that they’d see plenty of references to TOS in her new show.

“I can’t say anything else because there are so many Easter eggs on this show, but we are very, very, very excited to introduce this show. It’s in keeping with the original series — they’re standalone episodes. It’s a little bit lighter. We are visiting planets. We are visiting colonies, and we are so proud of our work so far. This is the story of the 10 years on the Enterprise — this is the 10 years leading up to Captain Kirk on the Enterprise. So, this is Captain Pike and Number One, and Spock is a science officer. We outrank him, which is really fun, because when does anybody ever outrank Spock?'”

The choice to make “Strange New Worlds” an adventure of the week style show is a major departure from the rest of contemporary “Star Trek.” Both “Discovery” and “Star Trek: Picard” followed season-long story arcs that required viewers to watch every single episode in order. “Strange New Worlds” will tell condensed stories that viewers can pop in and enjoy regardless of whether they’ve binged the previous episodes.

Romijn’s comments suggest that the writers behind the show have gone to great lengths to preserve the canon established by TOS. It sounds like “Strange New Worlds” will expand upon the canon TOS established.

Production is Going Well

Strange New Worlds | Start Of Production | Paramount+The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise is ready for deployment! Anson Mount (Captain Pike), Rebecca Romijn (Number One), Ethan Peck (Science Officer Spock), and more cast members from Star Trek: Strange New Worlds have an exciting announcement from Toronto. Stay tuned for more information about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the next installment of the…2021-03-12T18:00:30Z

Romijn also gave Looper a quick filming update.

“My lips are sealed, but I am in Toronto and we are on episode seven of 10 — and we are not allowed to say anything about what we’re doing.”

In May 2021, her costar Mount said that production was going exceedingly well, even with the pandemic safety protocols making everything a bit more complicated. He shared that the hardest part of the Covid protocols was that he couldn’t hang out with his costars off-set, though he emphasized that they were all having a great time on set.

Romijn’s comments indicate that about 70% of the first season’s episodes have been filmed thus far. According to the Director’s Guild of Canada, “Strange New Worlds” — codenamed “Lily & Isaac” — is set to end production at the end of July. Post-production is likely complete for a few of the episodes that have already been filmed. However, more post-production work will need to be done before the show can air.

The fact that they’ve already filmed seven out of 10 episodes and the wrap date of late July seems to suggest that the first season of “Strange New Worlds” could debut by the end of the year. However, Looper reported that the show will not premiere until 2022. Paramount+ has not announced an official release date yet.

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