Streaming Guide: How to Watch Every Episode of ‘Star Trek’

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A true “Star Trek” fan doesn’t watch each “Star Trek” series just once. Most Trekkers binge their favorite Trek shows over and over again. They never tire of seeing their favorite episodes or watching their favorite series in its entirety.

Before the age of streaming, there were few options for rewatching “Star Trek.” Fans either had to buy physical copies of each season of each show or watch reruns when they aired.

These days, Trek fans have it so much easier. Most of the “Star Trek” shows they love are available on multiple streaming platforms, which gives fans easy access to their “Star Trek” fix.

However, not every “Star Trek” series is available on every platform. Here’s a quick guide to which shows can be found on which platforms.


Paramount Plus Firestick


Paramount+ has branded itself as the hub of the “Star Trek” universe. It’s currently the only streaming platform with every show in the franchise’s history. While multiple streaming platforms have all of the classic Trek shows, Paramount+ is the only platform that allows fans to watch contemporary “Star Trek” without paying an extra fee.

All the contemporary “Star Trek” shows — “Star Trek: Discovery,” “Star Trek: Short Treks,” “Star Trek: Picard,” and “Star Trek: Lower Decks” — are original content from CBS All Access. When CBS All Access became Paramount+ in March of 2021, all of the original “Star Trek” programming transferred to Paramount+. The new streaming platform also managed to get the licensing for all the classic Trek content, making it the only platform with every single “Star Trek” show.

In June 2021, Paramount+ announced a new, cheaper subscription plan that allows fans to access their platform for just $4.99/month. There is a catch, though. That plan will have commercials during the programs and it will not give subscribers access to their local CBS news station. The platform’s commercial-free, full-access plan is still $9.99.

Amazon Prime Video

(Wikimedia) Amazon

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most accessible streaming platforms because it’s included in an Amazon Prime membership. People who pay for the expedited delivery service automatically get the video service for no extra cost.

“Star Trek” fans who don’t want to pay for Paramount+ can get most of their “Star Trek” needs met with their Amazon Prime Video subscription. Every season of “Star Trek: The Original Series,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” “Star Trek: Voyager,” and “Star Trek: Enterprise” is included with a Prime membership.

“Star Trek: The Animated Series,” “Discovery,” “Picard,” “Short Treks” and “Lower Decks” can all be watched on Amazon Prime Video for an additional fee. For $5.99/month, fans can add a Paramount+ subscription to their Amazon Prime Video account.

Fans who don’t mind commercials are better off going with the new Paramount+ plan. However, fans who want a commercial-free experience can get it for cheaper than a premium Paramount+ subscription by adding it onto their Amazon Prime Video.

The Paramount+ add-on does include a 7-day free trial. So, fans who are true binge-watchers could theoretically watch all of the new Trek shows within their 7-day free trial and cancel before the trial expires. However, this would leave them high and dry when the new seasons come out.


hulu logo


“Star Trek” fans with a Hulu subscription can watch most of the franchise. Every season of TOS, TNG, DS9, “Voyager,” and “Enterprise” is available on Hulu.

Fans can even watch the first season of “Discovery” on the platform. However, the subsequent seasons aren’t available for free or for purchase. Trek fans can try out the series on Hulu to decide if they want to spring for a Paramount+ subscription.

“The Animated Series,” “Picard,” “Short Treks,” and “Lower Decks” aren’t available on Hulu at all.

So, classic Trek fans can get what they need from Hulu, but fans of the contemporary shows will be disappointed.


Netflix October 2020 Horror


Netflix is the least Trek-friendly streaming platform. It has all of the classic “Star Trek” shows, but none of the contemporary shows are available. Fans can binge classic Trek to their heart’s content on Netflix, so it’s perfect for those who aren’t interested in the newer shows.

Watching ‘Star Trek’ Without a Streaming Subscription

The Opening Credits of "Star Trek: The Original Series"


Unfortunately, there aren’t very many ways to watch “Star Trek” without paying for one of the streaming services. Trek fans that want to watch an occasional episode and aren’t picky about which one can catch free episodes on Pluto TV.

Fans who really want to watch a particular episode and are willing to pay for that access can purchase individual episodes on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and Vudu.

All of the streaming services listed here offer limited free trials. So, if Trek fans want to do a hardcore binge during the free trial, they can always cancel before the billing kicks in.

For true Trek fans, Paramount+ is the best option. Fans of classic Trek can get what they need from whatever streaming platform they currently have. For those looking to dabble in classic and contemporary Trek, Amazon Prime Video offers the best way to check it out without breaking the bank.

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