FAN THEORY: Is Kovich from ‘Discovery’ This ‘Enterprise’ Character?

David Cronenberg as Kovich in "Star Trek: Discovery"

YouTube David Cronenberg as Kovich in "Star Trek: Discovery"

David Cronenberg’s Star Trek: Discovery character, Kovich, has been the subject of much speculation. Since he first appeared in the third season of the show, fans have suspected that Kovich has some secret identity or role in the Federation.

His extensive knowledge of time travel and the Mirror Universe, his access to classified information, and his unwillingness to discuss his role in the Federation, all suggest that Kovich is not just a regular Federation agent.

Theories About Kovich’s Identity

Starfleet Interrogates GeorgiouA possible Section 31 agent breaks the Emperor down. #StarTrekDiscovery Season 3 Episode 5 "Die Trying" David Cronenberg2020-11-13T09:17:21Z

There are several fan theories about Kovich’s true identity. Many fans think he’s an agent of Section 31, Starfleet’s infamous secret intelligence agency. This theory makes sense given his knowledge of highly classified information. It could also explain his extensive knowledge of alternate timelines and the Mirror Universe.

Other fans have posited that Kovich is actually the President of the Federation. This theory seems to be supported by the fact that Kovich was a part of the battle between the Federation and the Emerald Chain in the season three finale of Discovery.

One fringe fan theory proposed that he’s actually a Dominion changeling. Even the Redditor who came up with this one admitted it was a “crackpot theory.”

Yet another fan theory that actually makes a lot of sense would set up an excellent tie-in with one of Star Trek’s most controversial shows — Star Trek: Enterprise.

Kovich is Daniels

Daniels Says Good Bye to Captain ArcherStar Trek Enterprise Season 4 Episode 02 Storm Front Part II Episode 022018-09-18T01:56:56Z

One Redditor recently proposed that Kovich could be a much older version of Enterprise’s favorite temporal agent, Daniels. In Enterprise, Daniels interacted with the crew of the Enterprise, specifically Captain Jonathan Archer, several times in order to preserve the timeline.

The character first appeared in the episode “Cold Front.” Daniels posed as a member of the Enterprise crew so he could capture the Suliban alien Silik. He tried to complete his mission without revealing his true identity to the crew but eventually had to tell Archer. Silik killed him at the end of that episode.

However, his ability to time-travel and influence timelines meant that he could correct his own death, though he never explained how. Daniels worked with Archer on several occasions to ensure that the timeline unfolded in a way that ensured the founding of the Federation and the survival of Starfleet.

Daniels’ extensive work as a temporal agent required him to travel to several different points in time within several different timelines. It also gave him access to information about Starfleet and the Federation that would have to be classified in order to preserve the integrity of the timeline. So, Daniels would have all the information that Kovich has demonstrated his expertise in.

The Redditor who proposed the theory acknowledged that Daniels would be very old, perhaps too old to be alive, by the 32nd century. However, they argued that Discovery has not established how long humans live in the 32nd century. By then, technology could allow humans to live long past what is currently considered a normal human lifespan.

Another Redditor did the math and estimated that Daniels would have to be around 170 years old by the time Discovery takes place. Though this is obviously impossible by current standards, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for more than 1,000 years in the future.

Another possible explanation for Daniels/Kovich’s age could be that Daniels traveled to the future while he was still younger. If Daniels went to the 32nd century shortly before the Temporal Accords banned time travel in the late 2700s, he could have lived the rest of his life in the 32nd century.

How Could Daniels Become Kovich?

Daniels from "Star Trek: Enterprise" and Kovich from "Star Trek: Discovery"


Daniels would have to conceal his identity to preserve the timeline. If he stayed in his own time, he could have enlisted the help of Starfleet to change his identity. The Redditor who proposed the theory suggested that Daniels might have retired after the Temporal Accords were signed and changed his identity then. He could have come back after the Burn or stayed on as a Federation advisor.

If he traveled to the 32nd century on his own, it would be relatively easy to start over as Kovich. However, this begs the question of how he got the level of access that he has within Starfleet and the Federation. He might have created new credentials for himself along with his new identity. Or perhaps he had some trusted contacts within the Federation who helped him get a job with his new identity.

Of course, this is all speculation sparked by the theory that Kovich and Daniels are the same person. Though it’s a stretch, it’s not a huge one. Fans will have to wait for Discovery’s fourth season to find out more about Kovich’s true identity.

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