For the Love of ‘Star Trek’: Couples United From the Franchise

Star Trek

Paramount / Getty Some of the "Star Trek" couples.

The “Star Trek” franchise history stretches back 55 years, and in that time, the shows and films have united generations of fans. There are even Trek fans who found each other through the internet, clubs, or conventions and have gotten married. 

Some examples of fans who were wed in holy Trek-themed matrimony include this one from 2013, when the officiant was dressed as “Q;” a wedding in England where most of the guests dressed in Starfleet uniforms as well; this couple cut their wedding cake with a Bat’leth, and recently Captain Kirk (William Shatner) appeared at a Maine couple’s wedding

There have even been some famous couples who were involved with Trek and made it official too. Then some were famous before Trek, but then got together thanks to Trek. And then there are some variations too. Here’s a look at just some of the interesting “unifications” that have happened thanks to “Star Trek.”

Nana Visitor & Alexander Siddig

The two “Deep Space Nine” stars were romantically involved, married, and even had a child together while on the show. According to ScreenRant, this is the reason why Major Kira (Visitor) carries the O’Brien’s baby to term. She and Bashir (Siddig) were married from 1997 to 2001, and their son, Django El Tahir El Siddig, was born in 1996. Andrew Robinson (Garak) is Django’s godfather. 

Terry Farrell & Adam Nimoy

Adam is the son of the late Leonard Nimoy (Spock), and he married Terry Farrell, who starred on six seasons of “Deep Space Nine” as Jadzia Dax. According to Heavy’s own Robin Zabiegalski, “the couple was very private about the beginning of their relationship.” Eventually, the secret was announced by film critic and Trekkie Scott Mantz on Twitter. Ultimately, media outlets reported the news since many fans took the news as a joke. The couple has been married since 2018.

Annabelle Wallis & Chris Pine

Fans are familiar with Chris Pine from his role in the three “Star Trek Kelvin” films. Pine is Captain James T. Kirk in the movies, and according to rumor, he might be returning for a fourth film soon. But you might not recognize actress Annabelle Wallis, who has not yet appeared in person on any Trek film or show. However, her voice is probably very familiar to those who watch “Star Trek: Discovery.” Wallis is the voice of the AI aboard Discovery, which is now known as “Zora.” According to OK Magazine, a wedding is “definitely on the horizon.” Glamorbuff points out that Pine has no social media presence, but Wallis is on Instagram and occasionally posts photos and videos of her boyfriend

Linda Park & Tom Hardy

Again, thanks to Heavy reporting, fans know that Hoshi (Linda Park) and Shinzon (Tom Hardy) were a couple in the early 2000s. Hardy called getting the part “absolutely terrifying.” His role in “Star Trek Nemesis” was opposite Stewart. He has since gone on to A-list status, as he’s starred in a number of films, including “The Dark Knight Rises.” Park has stayed busy as well after her show, “Star Trek Enterprise,” was canceled in 2005; she has appeared in multiple roles, including as a reporter on the Apple TV+ show “For All Mankind.”

Denise & Michael Okuda

Ask anyone who worked on “Star Trek” from the 80s to the present, and they will rave about these two. The Okudas are practically Trek royalty, as they have been involved with the franchise for so very long. Michael is the person who created the incredible ICARs computer interface which all Trek shows, from “The Next Generation” to “Voyager,” used. His graphic design skills and knowledge were an invaluable part of what made those shows look so good. Denise is equally talented and served as a Scenic Artist, Production Assistant, and a Video Supervisor. They’ve worked on books, audio commentaries, and hundreds of Trek-related projects as well. 

Denise told that when she started working for the franchise, she saw a Max Headroom figurine on a desk, which happened to be Michael’s. She loved the show and started talking to ‘Mike.’ 

“We got to chatting, one thing led to another, and at a certain point, I started coming up to the studio on evenings and weekends to be with Mike,” said Denise in the interview. “It was a good thing we were married, or we would never have seen each other!”

Lucille Ball’s Daughter & Sybok

Yes, it’s true! While fans across the globe credit Lucille Ball for helping to make “Star Trek” a cultural icon, it might not be widely known that her daughter, Lucie Arnaz, married Laurence Luckinbill. That is the same Laurence Luckinbill who played Spock’s brother, Sybok, in “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.” While the couple didn’t meet on the set of any Trek show or film — thanks to the Desert Sun, fans know that they did meet through “mutual friends in New York” — one can’t deny their royal Trek lineage.

Roxann Dawson & Casey Biggs

Trek fans know Roxann Dawson as the engineer B’Elanna Torres from “Star Trek: Voyager,” and remember Casey Biggs from “Deep Space Nine” as Damar. But what many Trek fans might not know is that these two were married before either had been cast on their shows. According to Screen Rant, they were married from 1985 to 1987.

Wendy Neuss & Sir Patrick Stewart

While her name might not be as familiar, Wendy Neuss was an associate and co-producer on “The Next Generation.” At the same time, Mr. Stewart starred on the show as Captain Jean-Luc Picard. According to CBS News, Stewart and Neuss were married from 2000-2003. Neuss also worked on “Voyager.” Stewart married jazz singer Sunny Ozell in 2013. People reported that Sir Ian McKellan officiated the wedding

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