FAN OPINION: True ‘Star Trek’ Fans Only Like ‘The Original Series’

Spock and Kirk on ‘The Original Series’

CBS Spock and Kirk on ‘The Original Series’

Most fans should agree to disagree on that big question. Which series is the best out of all “Star Trek” shows? This often becomes a generational thing, where fans of a certain age like what they grew up with. 

Baby Boomers prefer “The Original Series” because that’s what they grew up with, according to the Associated PressGeneration X and Millennials knew Picard and the Enterprise-D on “The Next Generation.” Writer T.S. Mendola says that there are episodes of TNG which are forgettable, like “Pegasus,” unless “like many elder Millennials and younger Gen-Xers, you happened to have been roughly the age of the children who had scrawled that sign when you watched it.”

Based on those anecdotes, it is then conceivable that the youngsters who will watch “Star Trek: Prodigy” will consider that to be their “Star Trek.”

This same sort of phenomenon is true for James Bond actors. While the older generations prefer Sean Connery, the younger generation has trouble with the films and their “glaring cultural problems,” which render some of those films “unwatchable,” according to Yahoo Entertainment

TOS is the Best?

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None of that matters if you read what writer and television personality Herbie J. Pilato has to say. According to Mr. Pilato, the first version of “Star Trek” is the only one really worth watching. All others are just bad copies.

“It’s all very nice, but again, true ‘Trekkies’ and ‘Trekkers’ never received what was originally desired — all-new adventures of the same wonderful original characters that we had come to know and adore, as played by the same original actors — broadcast (and not streaming) on the small screen — in our living rooms, every week,” wrote Pilato in a 2020 article on Medium

Pilato writes that “‘Deep Space Nine,’ ‘Voyager,’ ‘Enterprise,’ ‘Discovery’ or ‘Picard’ has lived up to the name of their legendary older brother/father. ’The Next Generation,’ ignited by Roddenberry was a worthy attempt — certainly in its very Star-Trek-Original-Series-esque first season — but after Roddenberry passed away, TNG just didn’t cut the mustard.”

Pilato says that for TNG, Roddenberry and his writers “split” Kirk (William Shatner) into two personalities, which became Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Riker (Jonathan Frakes). He writes that the show gave fans a “poor man’s Spock” with Brent Spiner’s Data and a “prettier-than DeForest-Kelley doctor” in Gate McFadden.

“True Trek fans still pined for the charm of the original show, which never came to be,” writes Pilato. “Let’s face it: no new Trek, rebooted-Trek, or fake-Trek, on the big or small screen, will ever take the place of the original 1960s Trek TV series.”

It must be pointed out that Pilato is a member of the Baby Boomer generation, as he was born in 1960 and likely has an affinity for “The Original Series,” as he grew up with the show. He also hosts a program on Amazon Prime, which is a “retro talk show featuring the legends of classic television.”

Actually, it’s TNG and DS9

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Using polling and research, writer Keith Wilson set out to solve which show was actually the most popular and if generation had anything to do with it. Thanks to his survey data, he determined that the most popular and well-liked series are “The Next Generation” and “Deep Space Nine” were the most popular of all the “Star Trek” shows, even among the Millennial and Generation Z fans. 

This was a bit of a surprise for Wilson, as his Gen Z children “wouldn’t watch anything from before the turn of the millennium until very recently.”

Like Wayne (Mike Myers) in the original “Wayne’s World” said so eloquently as he compared champagne to sparkling white wine: “It’s a lot like ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation.’ In many ways, it’s superior but will never be as recognized as the original.”

TOS Can Be for Everyone

Star Trek – Where No Man Has Gone BeforeKirk's friend, Gary Mitchell, is transformed into a god-like entity2008-09-03T22:14:23Z

Even though the show debuted 55 years ago, younger fans have many reasons to go back and see how it all started. This is what writer Mary Fan did. She never knew TNG was a sequel or that “Galaxy Quest” was a parody. She decided to watch TOS for the first time as an adult and was hooked. 

“From the vision, it depicts to the sci-fi concepts it explores, ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ and the TOS features have a rare charm and originality,” Fan shared with “I may be a latecomer to the fandom, but now I’m happily drinking the Kool-Aid.”

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