‘Voyager’ Stars are Trying to Make a Captain Proton Series Happen

Robert Duncan McNeil as Captain Proton in "Star Trek: Voyager"

YouTube Robert Duncan McNeil as Captain Proton in "Star Trek: Voyager"

Fans of Star Trek: Voyager know that Lieutenant Tom Paris, portrayed by Robert Duncan McNeill, made some of the best holodeck programs in the Trek-verse.  Sandrine’s Bar, the garage, Fairhaven, and, of course, The Adventures of Captain Proton.

The Captain Proton holoprogram focused on the adventures of the titular sci-fi superhero. The program was entirely black and white. The storyline and characters all mimicked a 1930s science fiction series, according to StarTrek.com. Paris always played Captain Proton in the program. He was usually joined by his best friend Harry Kim, played by Garrett Wang, who took on the persona of Buster Kincaid, Captain Proton’s loyal sidekick.

Occasionally, other members of the crew would guest in the program. Seven of Nine played Constance Goodheart, Captain Proton’s secretary, in the episode “Night.” The Delaney sisters, the objects of Kim’s awkward affections, joined them in the episode “Thirty Days.” And in the wonderfully campy episode “Bride of Chaotica!” an encounter with an alien species that believed the holoprogram was real forced the entire bridge crew into the program.

It’s clear that the characters Paris and Kim enjoyed the holoprogram very much. Apparently, the actors who played them did too because they’re trying to convince Alex Kurtzman, the current showrunner of the Star Trek universe, and Paramount to make a Captain Proton show.

How it all got Started

On Wednesday, Kate Mulgrew, who played Captain Kathryn Janeway on Voyager jumped on a recent Twitter trend. The trend asks people to post a picture of themselves in which they look like the final boss in a video game. The catch is, the picture has to be one they’ve already got on their phone.

Mulgrew participated by tweeting a picture of herself in the outfit she wore for the “Bride of Chaotica!” episode, in which she pretended to be the final boss character. Fans went wild for the tweet, leaving more than 38,000 likes and over 4,500 replies.

One of those replies came from Twitter user @VintageVodou2, who suggested that a Captain Proton series would be wonderful. They tagged McNeill, Kurtzman, and Paramount’s Star Trek account in the tweet.

The Twitter Campaign

McNeill saw the tweet and quote tweeted it, adding that there were great stories left to tell about Captain Proton and his shenanigans. He tagged a few more accounts including Mulgrew’s and the official Star Trek account. He also adding the hashtag #CaptainProtonSeries.

That same day. McNeill retweeted tweets from several fans who said how interested they were in a Captain Proton series. He also quote tweeted several fan tweets, adding his own commentary about how much people wanted the series to move forward.

McNeill encouraged fans to help him get the hashtag trending so the people who might actually be able to make a series happen could see how much people wanted it. One Twitter user quote tweeted McNeil’s tweet, suggesting that Captain Proton would make an excellent season of Short Treks. McNeill signaled his agreement by retweeting the tweet.

The next day, Wang decided to join the Captain Proton campaign. McNeill saw Wang’s tweet and responded that they should join forces to make the show happen.

McNeill has continued to interact with fans declaring their allegiance to the Twitter campaign, some of whom have even created fan art of the theoretical series.

So far, there’s been no response from Kurtzman, the official Star Trek account, or Paramount Plus. However, McNeill doesn’t seem to be giving up. Only time will tell if his Twitter campaign will lead to an amazing new show.

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