WATCH: William Shatner’s Hilarious Super Bowl Ad

William Shatner

Biscuit Filmworks William Shatner in the Super Bowl ad for Planet Fitness

At 90 years old, “Star Trek” star William Shatner is still on top of the world. Well, not literally. The event which made him the oldest astronaut of all time happened in October 2021, actually putting him 66.5 miles into the sky. That event made Shatner think about death and life and profoundly impacted him

“The little things… like weightlessness,” Shatner said to Blue Origin and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos after returning to Earth. “But to see the blue come up and whip by and now you’re staring into blackness. That’s the thing. The covering of blue … this sheet, this blanket, this covering of blue that we have all around us. And then suddenly you shoot through it all … like when you whip off a sheet when you’re asleep, and you’re looking in blackness. Into black ugliness.”

A few months later, Shatner has been talking a bit more about the adventure. The reported on his conversation with SFX magazine, saying that he was “unimpressed” with the trip. 

“It was ominous. It was death,” Shatner said to SFX

James T. Kirk and Luke Skywalker

He did tell “Star Wars” legend Mark Hamill that he’d recommend going to space, despite his more thoughtful comments. 

The show based on his journey to space and back, “Shatner in Space,” is available for viewing on Amazon Prime and is rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Since he’s been back, Shatner has been busy with several new projects. This includes a book which he’s working on. Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnson reported that a book of Shatner’s essays called “Boldly Go” will be published in the fall. 

According to Johnson’s article, the book will examine “key events from his 90 years of life, using them as a springboard to reflect on the interconnectivity of all things, our fragile bond with nature, and the joy that comes from always being open to learning something new.”

Shatner’s Upcoming Appearances

Some wonder how this man continues to live such a non-stop and public life. Despite his age, he keeps a hectic schedule. Among his appearances over the next few months, he’ll be at Fan Expo Vancouver in Canada (February 19), Galaxy Con Richmond in Virginia (March 18), and Fan Expo Philadelphia (April 10). 

Fans can see him live and catch a screening of “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” which turns 40 years old this year. Shatner’s talk and Q&A show will be at Capitol Center for the Arts in New Hampshire (March 3), The Pullo Center in York, PA (March 4), and at the Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall in Munhall, PA (March 5). 

Shatner and Planet Fitness

“Bill,” as his friends call him, has starred in a series of ads for workout and gym company Planet Fitness. The first of these aired in January 2022 and featured Shatner with NBA great Dennis Rodman and Jane Krakovski of “30 Rock.” 

Shatner and the Super Bowl 

While this is not the first time Shatner has made a splash on television for the Super Bowl — his 2006 sketch with James Spader might be his best — he’s back on the biggest game of the year. Not only is this the biggest game for the National Football League, but it is also the most prominent day of the year for advertisers. Who better to feature on an ad that over a billion viewers may see?

The new Planet Fitness ad features Shatner’s voice narrating a story for actress Lindsay Lohan. There are also cameos by Rodman and actor Danny Trejo. Toward the end of the ad, Shatner appears in person, using some weight equipment. 

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