William Shatner Starts 2022 Right Where He Ended 2021

William Shatner for Planet Fitness

Biscuit Filmworks William Shatner stars in a new ad for Planet Fitness

To say that 2021 was a good year for William Shatner might be a galactic understatement. The beloved author, equestrian, philanthropist, singer, and actor added astronaut to his resume last year when he rode into space. Thanks to Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin “New Shepard” rockets, Shatner became the oldest person to ever fly into space

That adventure was released in documentary form and is available to watch on Amazon Prime. “Shatner In Space” is an unscripted documentary, and only Season 1 is available. Perhaps that means Shatner will go back to space so fans can see Season 2. Either way, his trip to space made many Top-10 lists for events broadcast on television.

Going to space might have been enough to fill up a year for any other mere mortal, but Shatner did not slow down a bit. In 2021, he also released a new album called simply “Bill.” He starred in a new film with his “Star Trek III” pal, Christopher Lloyd, and actress Jean Smart. “Senior Moment” featured Shatner in a light-hearted comedy as a character figuring out life in his 80s.  

While not working in front of the camera or behind the microphone, Shatner enjoyed some celebrations. At their wedding, he surprised two longtime “Star Trek” fans and shared a bite to eat at an Italian restaurant in Boston. He even appeared on CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live” in Las Vegas. 

Shatner talks on CBC

Some might wonder how a man of his age continues to do so much. He told the CBC’s Tom Power that his “fears are tempered with a healthy exuberance” which keeps him going.

“I try to focus on the beauty of life, which is eggs, and the mountains, the horses, love, dogs, tea, [and the] taste of orange, which I just had,” Shatner told Power in the interview. “The sensory and philosophical beauty of life, the connection that I know that all life has is something so profoundly moving that I think of it a lot.”

Back on TV

While Shatner has been a pitchman on television for years, his notoriety with all generations has made him the perfect person to have. The “Star Trek Icon” is starring in some new ads for Planet Fitness. The company used Shatner and other celebrities to communicate their new deal — a $10 a month membership.

“This new work features an unexpected mix of celebrity cameos — that speak to our wide consumer base, from Boomers all the way to Gen Z — to help break through and bring the many health benefits of fitness to life for everyone,” said Planet Fitness’s Jeremy Tucker. 

Who better to hire than Captain James T. Kirk to talk to such a massive range of people?

If you missed the ad, you can still catch one of his appearances on the History Channel show, “The UnXplained,” which has been airing since 2019. That show covers topics that are not easily understood, like when a man saw Bigfoot in the mountains of Wyoming

Personal Plans and Appearances

Shatner is also planning to make appearances throughout 2022. Among his appearances are for GalaxyCon at Richmond, Va. in March; at the 56th annual “Star Trek” convention in Las Vegas in August; and two visits to the official “Star Trek Set Tour” in Upstate New York

He told Entertainment Tonight that he’s got plans for his next decade. 

“What I want in 10 years, I want to ride my horses, I want to love my family, I want to make these things I’m doing,” Shatner said in March 2021. “I’ve got a podcast started. It will be about the future, about what’s happening in science. I want to picture myself in that science so that what was science fiction during ‘Star Trek’ … I’d like to be around when the science fiction of today becomes science fact.”

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