William Shatner Fires Back at Fan’s Claims on Twitter

William Shatner in his Heated Sherpa Blanket

Brookstone William Shatner in his Heated Sherpa Blanket

It seems that not a day goes by when William Shatner is not making news. Recently, the “Star Trek” icon made headlines during an interview with the Toronto Star, saying that humanity is not doing enough to stop Climate Change.

“We’re beginning to feel the effects of global warming, and there’s still people who say, ‘Well, it’s not going to happen,’” Shatner told reporter David Friend. “Well, it’s going to happen. And that strident message needs to be out there all the time. Every time I have a chance to talk about it, I talk about it.”

Shatner’s attitude has sharpened on the subject of Climate Change and the Earth in general after his historic flight to space in October 2021

“I’ll be very happy when we go up, and we’ll be in weightlessness, and we know we’re safe because everything else should be alright, and we have that moment of inspiration which I feel will be there when we’re looking into the vastness of the universe,” Shatner told CNN in an interview after he returned to Earth

Meanwhile, retailer Brookstone released a line of themed products based on Shatner’s adventures in space, including a “Mach IX Massage Chair.”

While most celebrities are lucky to make the newsroom ticker a few times in a decade, the original Captain James T. Kirk is seemingly always doing something new. 

Shatner on His New ‘Boldly Go’ Book

How William Shatner’s space trip inspired his new bookLegendary "Star Trek" actor William Shatner, who's set to appear at Fan Expo in Toronto this week, says he's still on a "search for the thrill," embarking on new experiences that he will reflect on in his new book, "Boldly Go," due out later this year. (THE CANADIAN PRESS)2022-08-23T15:56:13Z

He raised eyebrows earlier this month by lending his voice to a video for “The Daily Show,” which poked fun at Elon Musk and Telsa. At San Diego Comic-Con in June 2022, he ruffled feathers across the entirety of the “Star Trek” fandom by suggesting that Trek creator Gene Roddenberry would not approve of the franchise in its current incarnation. In May 2022, a new documentary debuted on UAPs, featuring Shatner’s insights and opinions. In February 2022, Shatner was featured in a Super Bowl ad for Planet Fitness — along with Dennis Rodman and Lindsay Lohan.

In his interview with the Toronto Star, he even shared a few details on his upcoming book, “Boldly Go,” which will include reflections on his space experience. During the interview, Shatner said it is “possible to tune into the vibration of the universe — because we’re all vibrating, and we’re all connected.” 

As active as he is, Shatner still takes time to communicate with his fans, mainly on Twitter. Many of his tweets are in response to questions from fans and upcoming appearances and related projects. Shatner’s activity on Twitter sets him apart from most other A-list celebrities, who use the platform to promote their new shows, albums, or other deals. Shatner actually responds directly to fans and shares his thoughts.

Unfortunately, a recent fan interaction with the star went sour, which caused Shatner to defend himself against a ridiculous accusation. On August 24, 2022, Twitter user @JennaForTruth said that Shatner “eats babies.” 

Shatner blocked @JennaForTruth, and she later admitted that she did say that he eats babies and complained that the star was still “butt hurt.”

Shatner’s Twitter Reaction

This was all sparked by an exchange between Shatner and a different fan in 2019. This second fan said that Shatner could be “surly” or “short” with admirers. Shatner later posted that fans ought to “take a look at what this ‘victim’ has said. You choose to believe her — go ahead but at least investigate the facts.”

While Shatner’s exchanges with folks might raise eyebrows, he is downright tame when compared to other celebrities. This especially applies to “Star Wars” and “Marvel” star Samuel L. Jackson, whose liberal use of the “f – – -” word with fans is well documented. 

Writer Jim Avery compiled some of the best (or worst) of Jackson’s tweets in this article

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