Baby Pogo vs Baby Yoda: Who Is Cuter?

Baby Pogo vs Baby Yoda

Netflix/Disney Plus Baby Pogo vs Baby Yoda

If you watched The Umbrella Academy Season 2, then you may have fallen in love with Baby Pogo, whose first appearance was in Episode 2, followed by a much bigger appearance in Episode 5. Of course, Baby Pogo’s inclusion in the series brought back memories for many of Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian. But which character is cuter?

Note: This article will have minor spoilers for Baby Pogo as seen in Episode 5 of The Umbrella Academy Season 2, along with photos of Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian on Disney Plus. 

Baby Pogo and Baby Yoda Are Both Pretty Adorable

You can’t deny how absolutely adorable Baby Pogo is, especially in Episode 5. And the Baby Pogo music video is one I won’t be forgetting any time soon.




But let’s not forget how adorable Baby Yoda was too.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus

How can you possibly choose between the two?

It’s tough, but some people are already making memes about the decision. And quite a few fans of The Umbrella Academy are leaning their memes in Baby Pogo’s favor. This first meme was shared by u/cs342 on Reddit.


Some people are convinced that if they ever met, they’d be best friends.

And some are pretty clear that their preference is pogo.

Who could forget the moment where we saw Baby Pogo in his pajamas? That may have been one of the cutest TV moments in a long time.

Of course, comparing the two has a few disadvantages. Baby Pogo was mostly in just one episode of The Umbrella Academy. There were a lot of really cute moments just from that one episode. But Baby Yoda clearly has an advantage, seeing as how the Child is in an entire season of The Mandalorian. There are a lot more photos and cute moments to choose from when it comes to creating Baby Yoda memes versus Baby Pogo memes. But that still isn’t stopping people from creating plenty of Baby Pogo memes.

Remember when this one circulated for Baby Yoda? Now it’s back, but for Baby Pogo.

My reaction of seeing baby Pogo from UmbrellaAcademy

And some people are positive that the best moment of the entire season was that Pogo montage. They are absolutely in love with Baby Pogo.


The only question is whether or not we will see more of Baby Pogo in Season 3. Was that one flashback all we’re going to get? I’m pretty sure that fans would be happy to have the entire team travel back in time all over again if it just meant enjoying more scenes watching Reginald raise Baby Pogo. Surely The Umbrella Academy will find a way to bring him back again, right?

Until then, it’s time to make a very important decision. If you had to choose who was cuter — Baby Pogo or Baby Yoda — who would you choose? In this Twitter poll below, fans were almost evenly split between the two, but Baby Pogo just narrowly won.

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