Liam Neeson & Son Micheál Talk Natasha Richardson’s Death

Liam Neeson Natasha Richardson

Getty Liam Neeson will speak out about the heartbreaking loss of his wife Natasha Richardson alongside his son on Good Morning America

Liam Neeson lost his wife, Natasha Richardson, in 2009 after nearly a decade of marriage.

Micheál Richardson, Natasha Richardson’s oldest son, has recently been opening up about how the death of his mother affected him. Michael is now 25 years old.

Natasha Richardson died from a traumatic brain injury caused by blunt force trauma following a skiing accident in 2009. After her fall, Natasha Richardson reportedly appeared fine and joked about it, but she later declined and died two days later.

Micheál Said He Has Not Fully Comprehended the Death of His Mother

Micheál was 13 at the time of his mother’s death and recently spoke to Vanity Fair about how he was affected.

“I think the pain was a little too overwhelming,” he said. “I think the mind is very powerful, and subconsciously, or unconsciously, it can protect you. That’s what it did when she passed. I just pushed it aside and didn’t want to deal with it.”

He added that he doesn’t believe he has comprehended the death still due to his age when it happened.

“I don’t, even still, think that I’ve fully comprehended it, and that seems to be a similar journey to a lot of people I’ve spoken to,” he said. “Fifty-year-olds who lost their parents when they were 12, 13… One day they’re out gardening, and something comes over them and they just break down.”

Micheál Is Starring in a Film to Honor His Mother

MADE IN ITALY Trailer (2020) Liam Neeson, Drama MovieMADE IN ITALY Trailer (2020) Liam Neeson, Drama Movie © 2020 – IFC Films2020-06-30T15:22:22Z

Micheál told Vanity Fair that his father, Liam Neeson, arrived to his home with a script in hand two summers ago. The screenplay was called Made in Italy and it told the story of a father and son struggling with grief years after their wife and mother died. After reading the script, he knew that he had to do the movie.

Liam Neeson also stars in the film, which is set to premiere in theaters and VOD platforms on August 7, 2020.

“The parallels were so apparent that it felt like my mom, in a spiritual sense, had a hand in it,” he said.

His father did have concerns about him going into the acting profession, but he is still supporting his son’s ambition.

“The acting profession is about many things, and one of those is rejection,” he told Vanity Fair in an email. “If you get an audition and you don’t get a recall and don’t get the part and subsequently the job… you’re rejected because of YOU; how you look, sound, the space you occupy as a human being.”

He said that his son would have to desensitize, but he also said acting was in his blood.

Neeson said he often visits his late wife’s grave and talks to her.

“I speak to her every day at her grave which is about a mile and a half down the road,” he told via Zoom. “I go down there quite often, so I do speak to her as if she’s here. Not that she answers me. I also speak to a couple of deceased actors that I knew years ago back in Ireland. Is that religious? I don’t know.”

Made in Italy marks the directorial debut of James D’Arcy and is produced by Pippa Cross, Sam Tipper-Hale, Alessandro Mascheroni and David Campos Pavoncelli. It will be distributed by IFC Films.

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