‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Episode 2 Review: Cut and Run

Bad Batch Omega Cut and Run Star Wars

Lucasfilm/Disney Plus This screengrab of "Star Wars: The Bad Batch" shows Omega smelling the air.

The second episode of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” is out now, and Clone Force 99 is struggling to adapt to a new galaxy. With episode two out now, the series will begin following a weekly schedule with releases on Fridays moving forward.

The premiere of the series was released through Disney Plus on May 4, 2021 in celebration of Star Wars Day. It gave fans a full 70-minute opening to get the series rolling, and included major appearances by characters we’ve seen elsewhere in “Star Wars.”

Episode two, which is titled “Cut and Run,” directly continues the adventures of Clone Force 99, also known as The Bad Batch, and picks up where the first episode left off. While there was an extended length for the first episode, the second clocked in at just 26 minutes without the end credits, and we can likely expect a similar length for future episodes.

This is a review and recap of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” Season 1 Episode 2, which is titled “Cut and Run.” This article will have SPOILERS.

Omega’s Adventures With Dirt, Sports, and Danger in ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’

Star Wars Bad Batch Suu Cut Lawquane

Lucasfilm/Disney PlusIn this screengrab from “Star Wars: The Bad Batch,” you can see Suu and Cut Lawquane.

One key thread running through episode two was made abundantly clear the second The Bad Batch and Omega left hyperspace. After landing on Saleucami in Sector J-19, which a course was charted for at the end of “Aftermath,” Omega emerged from their shuttle in nothing short of amazement at the dirt beneath her feet.

In fact, Omega picked up a handful of dirt and asked what it was, receiving the candid “dirt” reply before pouring it out of her hand and stomping around on the ground. This was the first time Omega had ever experienced dirt or the outdoors in any way, as she’d grown up her whole life as a clone on Kamino. Omega continued to express childlike amazement at most of the plants and wildlife she discovered.

As the group made their way through some fields, it was revealed they were on their way to meet with a deserter. After arriving near the property they were seeking, Wrecker seemed confident he wouldn’t set off any traps. Of course, this means he immediately set off a sensor that caused droid decoys to pop up and gave the homeowners a chance to descend upon them.

Fortunately, it became clear as the pair closed in on Clone Force 99 that they knew who was visiting, and the residents were revealed as Suu and Cut Lawquane. While this is the first time they’ve shown up in “Star Wars: The Bad Batch,” it isn’t the first time they’ve appeared in an animated “Star Wars” show.

According to Star Wars Fandom, the first and only other canonical appearance of either character was in “Deserter,” which is episode ten of season two of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” The same is true for their kids, Jek and Shaeeah, who also returned in this episode of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch.”

Omega was initially very shy about even speaking to Jek and Shaeeah, but things started to lighten up after they took her outside to play with a makeshift ball. Omega took some time adjusting to the new game, but eventually got into it and enthusiastically went beyond the fenced perimeter of the property to retrieve the ball.

Unfortunately, the warnings that came from Jek and Shaeeah not to go beyond the fence were given with good reason, as a terrifying cat-like creature started to close in on Omega just outside of the fenced property. The beast was a nexu, which is a predatory feline primarily remembered for attacking Padme Amidala when in a gladiator-style arena during “Star Wars: Attack of the Clones,” according to Star Wars Fandom.

Omega is also grabbed by the beast, but Hunter bolts out of the house with a knife and Suu takes up a sniper position on top of the house to fire at the nexu. While they’re able to fend off the nexu and save Omega, it’s the initial response of Hunter in anger that leaves Omega upset about what happened, and she retreats to their ship to be alone.

Cut and Run From the Galactic Empire

Bad Batch Star Wars Hunter Omega

Lucasfilm/Disney PlusThis screengrab from “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” shows Hunter and Omega in front of a shuttle console.

The other primary thread running through “Cut and Run” is exactly that: everyone, including Cut Lawquane and his family, needed to run for it and get off Saleucami. When Cut and Suu first sat down with The Bad Batch, Cut mentioned that Rex had passed through just the day before.

Rex is a clone trooper that played a primary role in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” and he’s also a key part of the episode “Deserter” when Cut and Suu Lawquane first appeared, according to Star Wars Fandom. Due to the increased pressure and presence of the new Galactic Empire, Cut explains that all of them need to seek passage off of Saleucami.

Cut headed into town with Hunter in hopes of doing exactly that, but were thwarted when they found out about the new Imperial policy known as chain codes. This identifying code was explained as being newly required for all interplanetary travel, and a hologram was shown during the episode with a representative of the Galactic Empire encouraging citizens to retrieve their chain code and simultaneously exchanged all newly expired Republic Credits for Imperial Credits.

Unfortunately, acquiring a chain code through normal measures was out of the question for everyone, as they’d have all been immediately identified as deserters and taken into custody. Hunter asked Tech if he could forge some chain codes, and got the wonderfully glib response “I only learned of the moments ago, but yes.”

This was just one moment in the episode that highlighted the unique talents of each member of Clone Force 99, or The Bad Batch. Tech quickly devised a plan to call in their ship as abandoned to the Empire, meaning it would be picked up and taken to an impound yard where Tech and Echo could infiltrate and retrieve the components to forge chain codes.

The only hiccup was that Omega was still on the ship when it was seized by the Empire, and that wasn’t part of Tech’s plan. They faced a few hiccups upon arrival at the lot, but were able to successfully retrieve and forge the chain codes for Cut and Suu to escape with their children, and also Omega.

After the incident where Omega was attacked by the nexu, Hunter asked Cut and Suu to take her after they left Saleucami rather than Omega continuing to go with The Bad Batch. Hunter seemed to believe it was the best thing for her, as he was struggling to be an effective parental figure, and active combat didn’t seem like the safest place for a child.

When a new batch of Imperial stormtroopers, still being called Clone Troopers at this point, appeared in the impound lot, Tech didn’t feel there was an opening for them to escape and hand off the forged chain codes to the Lawquane family. As he was devising a backup plan, Omega snatched them and made the escape herself as an attempt to help.

While Omega did ultimately manage to slip out, it happened only after several troopers became aware of Tech and Echo’s presence, and Wrecker joined the fight as well. With the three of them fending off troopers and trying to get to their ship, Omega slipped away and got the chain codes to the Lawquane family just in time.

Omega was initially confused as to why there were five instead of four, and only then did Hunter explain to her that he wanted her to go with the Lawquane family because it was best for her. Hunter joined the fight just as Echo was struggling to disengage the magnetic locks keeping them grounded, but Wrecker simply bypassed the system by ripping them off by using his absurd strength.

Just before they took off, Omega shouted “wait for me,” revealing she’d chosen not to go with the Lawquane family. After a bit more chaos, all of The Bad Batch and Omega found their way to the ship, take off, and successfully escape Saleucami as they spotted the legal shuttle carrying the Lawquane family take off without incident.

After making it off the planet, Omega approached Hunter on the ship and was apologetic about making a mistake, but Hunter reassured her that he’s “got a lot to learn too,” and she could stay with them if that’s where she wanted to be. The credits came to a close, and fans will be able to catch episode three next Friday, May 14, for the continued adventures of Clone Force 99 and Omega in “Star Wars: The Bad Batch.”

If you can’t wait and want to see the summary, title, and length of episode three, they were revealed in recent leaks that also showed details of the first two episodes which are now confirmed as accurate. You can find all the details here, but they could spoil what’s coming next in “Star Wars: The Bad Batch.”

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