The Mandalorian’s Katee Sackhoff Says She Was Misled During Filming

The Mandalorian

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Disney+ Portrait titled The Mandalorian and The Child for a collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery.

The Mandalorian ended with the reveal of an iconic Jedi, but it wasn’t the one Katee Sackhoff thought it would be during filming. Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but the finale came to a thrilling conclusion with the appearance of none other than Luke Skywalker.

The Mandalorian season two finale aired on December 18, 2020, but fans already have their eyes on more Star Wars content to come later this year. The Bad Batch is set to premiere with Disney Plus on May 4th, or Star Wars Day, and Sackhoff’s fellow Mandalorian actor Ming-Na Wen will voice her character Fennec Shand for the series.

Wen was one of the small group of actors, along with Katee Sackhoff playing the role of Bo-Katan Kryze, who got to share a scene with Mark Hamill returning as Luke Skywalker. However, more details now indicate just what lengths were taken to keep the information secret prior to the finale airing.

Katee Sackhoff Says She Was Told the Jedi Reveal Was Actually Plo Koon

Plo Koon

Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesThe original costume for Jedi Master Plo Koon in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

While it was truly surprising to see Luke Skywalker back on the screen for Star Wars, there was another Jedi that Sackhoff was told would make his live-action television debut in that moment. Sackhoff recently appeared during a charity stream for Star Wars Explained, and during the conversation Sackhoff revealed which character she was told would be appearing in that final scene.

“Do you know that that’s who we thought that it was at the end [of Season 2]?” Sackhoff began, according to a transcript of the stream by Cinema Blend. “That’s who we thought it was, was Plo Koon. That’s who we [were] told it was and I’m a very gullible person. When somebody important tells me something, I say ‘okay.'”

Had this become a reality, it would’ve been the first live-action television appearance for Plo Koon, who was first seen on screen in the prequel movies. It also would’ve been a shocking revelation, as Jedi Master Plo Koon is believed to have died during the execution of Order 66 in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, a clip of which can be seen here.

Katee Sackhoff Couldn’t See the Actor’s Face, and Found out About Luke Skywalker When the Finale Aired

Katee Sackhoff

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty ImagesKatee Sackhoff on stage at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in 2014.

On top of the direct deception of being told a different character would appear in that moment, Katee Sackhoff revealed even more tactics taken that concealed their identity during filming. In an interview on The Sith Council, Sackhoff initially confirmed she wasn’t aware it was Luke Skywalker until she watched it air.

“I didn’t know until I saw it with you guys,” Sackhoff said according to CBR’s transcript of the interview. “I didn’t know. They didn’t tell us. There was an actor there with dots on his face. I knew it was a Jedi. I knew it was an X-Wing. So you start to put things together, but you don’t know.”

Jon Favreau, the writer and producer of The Mandalorian, confirmed last December in an interview with Good Morning America that Mark Hamill was physically on set to film for the appearance. However, exactly what the mechanics of that were like and how much of what was filmed was Hamill hasn’t been revealed.

Gina Carano Confirmed the Appearance of Luke Skywalker Wasn’t in Her Mandalorian Script

Gina Carano

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DisneyGina Carano during the premiere of The Mandalorian at the El Capitan Theatre.

Keeping a surprise out of the script isn’t exactly a new concept, but Gina Carano confirmed that was part of the process for this episode. Carano spoke to the Drunk 3PO podcast back in early January, where she also stated when she realized Hamill was involved.

“I started finding out about it in the makeup trailer, basically because you’re like, ‘Oh wait, who’s that?’ And because they didn’t say it in the script…everyone that has worked on The Mandalorian is insane, like insane Star Wars fans,” Carano said according to Slash Film’s transcript of the interview. “And they have the shirts, and they’re like, ‘Wait a second.’ And so, everybody starts doing a little whispering.”

It appears Carano had actually caught wind of the news earlier than Katee Sackhoff due to her timing in the makeup trailer during filming, but this further shows just how impressive it was that the news of Hamill’s involvement never leaked. Mark Hamill even commented on that the day after the finale premiered on Twitter, stating the lack of leaks was “nothing less than a miracle.”

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