Mark Hamill Says He Still Cringes When He Sees This Meme

Getty Mark Hamill attends the Premiere of Disney's "Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker" on December 16, 2019.

Mark Hamill recently shared on Twitter that he still cringes whenever he sees a very popular Luke Skywalker meme from the Star Wars universe.

Hamill Says He Doesn’t Even Remember Filming the Scene

Mark Hamill shared this meme on Twitter and mentioned that he doesn’t even remember filming it. The meme is from the movie Star Wars: A New Hope, and it shows Luke Skywalker pointing the lightsaber directly in his eye as he examines it.

Hamill wrote: “This makes me cringe every time I see it. I don’t remember doing this in the movie.”

Then he added that he thinks the photo has to be an on-set still, because otherwise Obi-Wan wouldn’t be so calm.

“I think it’s just an on-set production still, otherwise Obi-Wan wouldn’t look so remarkably unconcerned,” he concluded.

One fan was kind enough to share more versions of the same meme.

This actually isn’t the first time Hamill has talked about the meme. He addresses it every now and then, including in February 2019 when he also posted it on Twitter and asked if anyone could tell him if it was an on-set production still.

Hamill got so many different responses that one person tweeted in response: “These replies make me REALLY question eye witness accounts of anything.”

Another person wrote: “This thread is the perfect example of asking 5 people a question and getting 6 different opinions.”

A Fan Shared Video Proving that Luke Never Actually Pointed the Lightsaber in His eye

One fan was quick to explain why Hamill doesn’t remember filming the picture upon which that particular meme is based — it’s an on-set still.

The Twitter account @Johtus1288 wrote: “I’ve gone so far as to take video evidence. Luke did not aim the lightsaber at his own face. That was indeed a production photo. So that was young Mark Hamill looking into the lightsaber. Luke Skywalker points it in Obiwan’s face.”

Then he adds: “Points it like a laser pointer. Don’t sue me.”

Of course, other fans couldn’t help but include their own memes in the conversation, like this one:

Another fan tweeted in reply: “The entire prequel trilogy breaks down and doesn’t makes any sense because of this pivotal scene. Also Obi-Wan knows R2-D2, they go way back.”

Jason Glisson wrote on Twitter: “Even my kids know how to treat a lightsaber.”

Hamill has been involved with Star Wars since the very first movie, and recently appeared in the 2019 movie The Rise of Skywalker, along with another more recent appearance.

Hamill Recently Answered Another Question about a Set Photo on Twitter

On March 2, Hamill answered another question about a set photo on Twitter. A fan asked: “Mark in this photo the cake says “Happy Birthday”. Whose birthday did you all celebrate?”

Hamill wrote back: “While shooting on location for the original #StarWars in Tunisia-North Africa, [producer] Gary Kurtz, [writer and director] George Lucas & I raised a styrofoam cup half-filled with warm champagne to toast Alec Guinness on his 62nd birthday. That was on Friday, April 2nd 1976. (I Googled it) #TrueStory”

The funniest part is Hamill admitting that he had to Google the answer himself, even though he was in the photo.

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