These Clues Connect the Child in ‘The Bad Batch’ Trailer to a Cloning Secret

Lucasfilm Omega

A mysterious blonde child was featured in Star Wars‘ new The Bad Batch trailer, and fans are searching every clue they can find to try to figure out who this child named Omega is. Here are all the clues and the most prevalent theories shared so far.

Omega’s Name Is Revealed in the Captions


Omega’s name is never actually stated in the trailer itself. However, if you turn on captions, you’ll see that the name Omega is used for the child during the trailer.

In the trailer, the blonde child named “Omega” is able to identify each member of The Bad Batch and lists them for the trailer. Then later in the trailer Omega is asked if they want to come with The Bad Batch and answers, “How can I help?”

Then we see another clip showing Omega fighting with the team and it looks like they’re fitting right in.

The trailer doesn’t reveal if the child should be referred to using male or female pronouns. For the purpose of this article, we will refer to the child named Omega as “they.”

At one point in the trailer, the kid is seen using something that resembles a Nightsister Bow to help The Bad Batch in battle. These were wielded by Nightsisters and Nightbrothers, who use the Dark side to perform “arcane magicks,” Star Wars Fandom explained.

Omega Appears to be Found at a Kamino Cloning Facility


Omega is first seen in a sparse but clean hallway, surrounded by creatures who are tall with long, skinny legs. The hallway appears similar to Kamino, where Obi-Wan Kenobi found a clone factory. In fact, it looks practically identical, even down to the creatures with the tall, skinny legs.


These aliens with tall, skinny legs are Kaminoans, according to the Star Wars Fandom and previous films and series. They’re a sentient species native to Kamino whose scientists specialize in cloning. The Sith worked with them to create the Order 66 chip and Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas worked with them to create clone troopers. Their facilities were shut down after the rise of the Empire.

The Bad Batch takes place right after the Clone War, which makes the inclusion of a Kamino cloning facility make sense.

Many Theories Are Circulating Connecting Omega to a Cloning Conspiracy

Many theories are circulating among Star Wars fandom that would connect Omega to a big cloning conspiracy.

The most common theories suggest that Omega is a clone. The word “Omega” refers to the last letter in the Greek alphabet, which might indicate Omega is the final clone in a line of cloning attempts.

Omega’s accent is from New Zealand, matching the accents of Boba and Jango Fett, Inverse reported.

But which clone could Omega be?

Inverse suggested that Omega might actually be a clone of Palpatine, perhaps one of the “perfect” clones that weren’t Force-sensitive, much like Rey’s dad, since the Force-sensitive clones came out disfigured.

On a Star Wars subreddit, one fan suggested that maybe Omega was created using DNA from a new host that replaced Jango Fett. Others think that Omega is a Jango Fett clone that has been slightly altered, which would account for Omega having a similar accent.

Others think that Omega might be the child of a clone, or perhaps a clone of a Nightsister, considering her use what resembles a Nightsister bow in the trailer.

However, no one seems to have a good guess about what the pendant on Omega’s head might signify, except that some have mentioned it slightly resembles the symbol on Morgan Elsbeth’s head.

Others wonder if Omega is connected to Duchess Satine Kryze, the leader of the New Mandalorians. Kryze died in 19 BBY, while The Bad Batch is said to take place during the Imperial Era of 19 BBY to 5 BBY, according to Star Wars Fandom.

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