StepNpull on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

StepNPull Shark Tank


Entrepreneur Mike Sewell took his company and product, StepNpull, to the investors on ABC’s Shark Tank to see if he could score a deal from one of the investors in the Tank.

According to the episode synopsis, the entrepreneur from Springfield, Missouri, “shares his simple yet ingenious invention that helps prevent the spread of germs like COVID-19.”

The entrepreneur pitched his company to Sharks Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John and Robert Herjavec.

Here’s what you should know about StepNPull from Shark Tank: 

1. StepNpull Allows for Hands-Free Door Opening

StepNpull allows people to open doors without their hands, which can help stop the spread of germs, according to the company website.

The product was invented after Mike Sewell noticed people were using paper towels to open bathroom doors and often leaving those paper towels on the floor.

“Mike Mike determined a foot-operated door opener would eliminate both problems: no spreading germs through touching the door and no paper towel waste,” the website reads.

He then pulled in Kelly Coddington, now the Inventor and VP of Innovation, and Ron Ely, now the Inventor and VP of sales.

2. The Company Launched in 2007

StepNpull first launched in 2007, but the company website says that the company can be traced to the early 1990s since the three founders often talked about going into business together.

They stayed at their day jobs for the first few years of launching the company, taking orders by phone and working from a garage.

Then, the company expanded and ended up getting purchases from companies like Boeing, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google, and Walmart. The founders then went full-time with StepNpull.

3. The Company Sold More Products During the COVID-19 Pandemic

StepNpull helps slow the spread of germs, and that meant that COVID-19 helped the business rather than hurt it.

“The company’s patented device gained national and international media coverage. Orders flooded in from around the world,” the website reads. “In just one month — March 2020 — the company sold more StepNpull door openers than they had previously in their history.”

The company has had to hire more employees and bring in more distributors as a result of the pandemic.

4. The Product Can Be Placed on Any Commercial Latch-less Door

According to the company website, StepNpull can be placed on any commercial, latch-less wood or metal door, and the weight of the door is not a factor.

“With StepNpull, the weight of the door is not a factor,” the website reads. “If an interior door closer resistance is adjusted to the ADA standard of 5 pounds or less, then the user will be able to easily open the door with their foot using StepNpull.”

The company says that they have been working on StepNpull for 13 years, meaning that they have had plenty of time to ensure that it lasts.

5. The StepNpull is Available in Many Colors & Can Be Purchased Online

The StepNpull is available to purchase online in silver, black, blue, silver matte, gray, red and copper, and each of the products costs $29.95.

The product can also be purchased for use by larger businesses like colleges and universities, grocery stores, health care, and more. To purchase in bulk, customers can request a high-volume quote.

Tune in to Shark Tank to see if StepNpull can get a deal from one of the sharks.

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