Super Bowl 2022 Halftime Show Time & Channel

superbow half time show time channel

Getty (L to R) Rapper Snoop Dogg, Singer/songwriter Mary J. Blige, rapper Dr Dre, MJ Acosta-Ruiz, and Nate Burleson pose during the Pepsi Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show Press Conference at the convention Center, in Los Angeles, California, on February 10, 2022.

The Super Bowl 2022 halftime show is expected to be a groundbreaking performance that you won’t want to miss. Headlining performers include Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg and Eminem, who will take the stage in California for a celebration of hip hop.

The Pepsi Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show will be held at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California on Feb. 13 on NBC and Telemundo, and streaming live on Peacock. Sporting News reported the halftime show will likely start shortly after 8 p.m. Eastern time.

“The game itself kicks off at about 6:30, so the first half should end about 90 minutes later,” Sporting News reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

Dr. Dre Said the Halftime Show Will Be ‘an Unforgettable Cultural Moment’

Dre said that his halftime show performance will be one of the biggest moment’s of his life, in a statement published by the NFL.

“The opportunity to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime show, and to do it in my own backyard, will be one of the biggest thrills of my career,” Dr. Dre said, according to the NFL. “I’m grateful to JAY-Z, Roc Nation, the NFL, and Pepsi as well as Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar for joining me in what will be an unforgettable cultural moment.”

The NFL reported a highlight of the 2022 Super Bowl will be “a star-studded halftime show befitting of Hollywood.”

“The Pepsi Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show marks the first time these five multi-award-winning artists will perform together on stage, exciting music fans worldwide and holding a special significance for the greater Los Angeles community, as they host the Super Bowl for the first time in nearly 30 years,” the NFL announced. “Collectively, these artists have been awarded 43 Grammys and have created 22 No. 1 Billboard albums.”

The Halftime Show Will Also Include the Super Bowl’s First Deaf Performers

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Dre promised surprises during the halftime show, and said at a press briefing that two deaf musicians, Warren “Wawa” Snipe and Sean Forbes, will be joining in the halftime show as the first-ever deaf performers at a halftime show. They will “use their hands, body and facial expressions to deliver unique renditions of the songs in American Sign Language as the superstar performers rap and sing on stage,” the AP reported.

“We’re going to open more doors for hip-hop artists in the future and making sure that the NFL understands that this is what it should have been long time ago,” Dre said at the press briefing, according to the AP. “It’s crazy that it took all of this time for us to be recognized. I think we’re going to do a fantastic job. We’re going to do it so big that they can’t deny us anymore in the future.”

Snoop Dogg told the AP that he won’t be nervous on stage, but when he is watching his performance, he expects to be nervous.

“For me, when performing, I never let the moment get bigger than me,” he told the AP. “I’m not going to understand it until it happens. While it’s happening, I’m in the zone. I’m stuck to the script, laser focused, being on point, sounding good, looking good and feeling good. I want to give off a great presentation. After the fact, it’s when I’ll be nervous about watching it to see what the reaction is. But while I’m going through it, it’s nothing.”

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