WATCH: Mickey Guyton Singing at Super Bowl 2022

Mickey Guyton

Getty Mickey Guyton sings at Super Bowl LVI.

Grammy-nominated singer Mickey Guyton showed off her vocals while singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” during the Super Bowl LVI pregame entertainment show. Guyton’s national anthem performance was held at SoFi Stadium, located in Inglewood, California, as reported by CBS Sports

For her performance, the country music star wore a cobalt blue long-sleeved dress. She was accompanied by 10 backup singers, who all sported white ensembles. Guyton pointed to the sky as she finished the song while the crowd erupted in applause.

Mickey Guyton Wrote Her Hit Song ‘Black Like Me’ in 2018

Guyton has been in the music industry for over a decade. She found mainstream success after releasing her song “Black Like Me” in 2020. During a September 2021 interview on “The View,” the 38-year-old shared that she had written the single in 2018 but decided to release it following the murder of George Floyd. 

“I think everybody was stuck at home and we were seeing such horrible things, we all saw it, we all saw that video and I think at that time we just really wanted a message of hope and I remember my mom called me and she was like, ‘We need a message of hope right now’ and I said ‘Mom I have this song. I had this song for like two years,’” explained the country singer. 

During the “View” interview, the singer also shared how her husband, Grant Savoy, encouraged her to write country music from her point of view. 

“I asked him, I remember I said, ‘Why do you think country music isn’t working for me.’ And he said, ‘Because you are running away from everything that makes you different.’ He called me out big time. I was – it’s just so crazy because he said that ‘You have to write country music from a Black woman’s perspective,’” said Guyton. 

She admitted that she had been “trying to write country music based on one perspective” that was not her own.  

“When I would go on the shows and they would say, ‘Let’s put blue eyes in a song, sing it about somebody you love,’ like my man has brown eyes, you know, and they were like, ‘You’re the girl next door’ and I’m like, ‘What if the girl next door is Black, what does that mean?’” stated the “Remember Her Name” singer. 

Mickey Guyton Is a Mother 

Guyton and Savoy welcomed their son, Grayson, in February 2021. While speaking to Stage Right Secrets in September 2021, the singer confided that she felt apprehensive when she “found out [she] was pregnant.”

“I was actually terrified because as a woman in a career where it always is — not always but a lot of times, where we are made to feel like we are not allowed to be mothers and have a career and I was terrified of that,” shared the mother-of-one. 

She then clarified that she thoroughly enjoys being a parent. She also noted that having a child has affected how she perceives herself as an artist. 

“Now that I am a mom it’s like everything that I am and everything that led me to this point in my life, led me to him. Like everything. And it’s changed everything. It’s changed my outlook on my own artistry, it’s changed my outlook on the way I treat other people and it’s really cool,” stated Guyton. 

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