There’s a ‘Vault’ Of ‘Survivor’ Footage That Sounds Pretty Racy

The all-female Yasur Tribe on Survivor: Vanuatu

CBS The all-female Yasur Tribe on Survivor: Vanuatu

A show like Survivor, with hundreds of cast members, 40 seasons, and hours and hours of footage, is bound to have a lot of juicy things that didn’t make it on the air. Dolly Neely of Survivor: Vanuatu, the ninth season of the show, recently spilled the tea on some skinny-dipping shenanigans during her season, plus she has a great idea for the next all-veterans season.

Dolly Said The Survivor Vault Is Full of Interesting Footage

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In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Neely said her time on the show was so short that she doesn’t have a ton of wild stories, but she does remember how her tribe — which on that season was all the women and no men — did some nude bathing in a stream near camp.

“We did all bathe in the stream naked and supposedly there’s footage of that in the so-called ‘vault’ and that would be hot video because we did have some good looking women on season nine,” she said.

She also said her biggest regret was not “watching and studying” the game before she came on the show.

“I now know that if I had studied the past seasons, I may have known better and made an alliance ASAP! Even now it’s hard to watch the current seasons because I feel a sort of anxiety that man, I was out there once and would love to have gone farther! Also, another regret is that I didn’t see any of my demise coming. I was way too trusting, and there were signs I missed because I was still in the mindset that it was too early to pick a side and I actually really did like everybody!” said Neely.

Despite only being on the show for a short time, Neely said she’s still in touch with several people from her season — and she would love to have them come visit her farm.

“I keep in touch mostly on Instagram with Julie Berry. I really dig that chick; she’s not typical in any way and I wish I could have spent more time with her in Vanuatu playing the game!” said Neely. “Also, Ami Cusack from my season because I think we could have been good pals if I had lasted longer out there. And Sugar Kiper — I’ve always liked her even though I didn’t spend any time with her! She’s just a happy blonde, like me! I’m hoping to have them and a few others to play a game of Survivor at my farm and my cabin in Cook Forest one of these days, now that would be memorable!”

Her Idea for a New Season is Solid

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Neely said that she would go back on Survivor in a heartbeat and she thinks an “all-losers season” is something fans are clamoring for.

“Most of all and because fans tell me this, I do think they need an all-losers season!” she said, adding, “and then I will be in it and I can prove I am not a loser now.”

Now, Survivor did do a “Second Chances” season for season 31, but that one was full of people who made it pretty far in the game. The idea of making an entire season out of 20 people who were voted off first or second on their season would be kind of great. Of course, the show has to be able to resume production first.

Survivor hopes to film season 41 in the spring of 2021 for a fall 2021 premiere.

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