A Strong ‘Survivor’ Winner ‘Not Invited’ to Play ‘Winners at War’

A collage of Survivor winners

CBS A collage of Survivor winners

Survivor has changed a lot in 40 seasons, but that doesn’t mean the older seasons should be forgotten — which is why it was pretty alarming to hear that one of our favorite winners wasn’t even asked if she wanted to play on the “Winners at War” season. Read on to find out why Survivor: Marquesas winner Vecepia Towery Robinson wasn’t invited to play in season 40 and what she had to say about it.

Vecepia Says She’s Never Been Asked to Return

In a Facebook post right before the premiere of “Winners at War,” Towery Robinson revealed that not only was she “not invited” to play on that season, but she has never been approached to return at all.

“Hello, Survivor Fans,” she wrote. “Just a few more hours before 20 of the very best winners will be competing for $2 million dollars in Survivor: Winners at War. Yes, 20 of the best, but I am not included. As the first and ONLY African American female to win Survivor, and the first to win a reality show (at least we think…here in the US), I was not invited.

“Unlike many other winners who have been asked and have participated two, three, four, five-plus times, I have yet to even be asked. The burning question people always ask me is wwhy haven’t you gone back yet? Or why haven’t they called you?’ I say the same thing… ‘I do not know.’ Unlike Earl Cole, my brother from another mother and the first African American male to win Survivor, has been asked before but due to work and other circumstances could not participate, I have yet to even be asked!!!”

She’s Not Bitter, Just Curious

Survivor: Marquesas – WinnerVecepia Towery: Winner, Season 4 Neleh Dennis: 2nd place, Season 42017-04-15T20:24:42Z

Towery Robinson went on to say that she is “so grateful for the opportunity to have had that one moment to compete and win a show I still to this day watch and love” and she believes that “things happen for a reason,” so if God wanted her to compete again, “it would’ve happened.” But she’s still curious as to why she hasn’t been asked.

“No hater-aide here, just curious why… not for myself, but for the outpouring of love I’ve gotten from fans and friends who ask the question and who are disappointed I have not been asked to come back. As a two-time breast cancer survivor, I have survived much and if I never go out there to play ever again, I am proud of the way I played, even if they didn’t appreciate it.

“I do feel bad for my season as only 2 of my tribemates have ever played again… Thanks Boston Rob for keeping our season alive. With that being said, I wish the 20 winners the very best in Fiji. Play hard, play smart, and make it a great winners season.”

Maybe CBS should give Towery Robinson a ring if they have another season where former players are in the cast. We certainly wouldn’t mind seeing her again on Survivor. Incidentally, the only other “Marquesas” castaway who has returned to the show was Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien, who was on Survivor: All-Stars in season eight.

Survivor hopes to film season 41 in the spring of 2021 for a fall 2021 premiere.

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