‘Survivor 41’ Elimination Spoilers: Who Was Voted Off Tonight? 9/29/2021

“Juggling Chainsaws” — Tiffany Seely, Liana Wallace and Xander Hastings compete on 'Survivor'

CBS “Juggling Chainsaws” — Tiffany Seely, Liana Wallace and Xander Hastings compete on 'Survivor'

UPDATE: David Voce was voted off the Yase tribe. Read on for the rest of the recap.

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It’s time to find out who is getting voted off the island third on “Survivor 41” after the two-hour premiere on Sept. 22 when two castaways were sent home — Eric Abraham of the Yase tribe (yellow) and Sara Wilson of the Ua tribe (green).

The Sept. 29 episode is titled “Juggling Chainsaws” and its description teases, “Immunity challenges get interesting when a new idol is introduced that has a special twist.” We cannot wait to find out what that special new twist is. This season has been full of hard decisions for the castaways so far and we expect that the show will not let up in that department any time soon.

Follow along with our live elimination recap below but be warned of spoilers.

All times Eastern.

8:05 — Here we go, episode two! At Ua tribe, Brad is nervous about how all over the place JD is, then when JD goes off with Ricard to get water, Brad sprints through the jungle to spy on them. Brad overhears them talking about him and also that JD feels more relaxed now within the tribe. Back at camp, Brad has some info for Shan, but his behavior is also raising red flags for her. So Shan promptly tells Ricard what Brad did and now Brad has a huge target on his back.

8:10 — Over at Luvu, Naseer is ready to bust out his skills with firemaking and so forth and we get some footage of his tiny Sri Lankan village, which is super cool. I love that addition this year, that we are getting footage from home of the castaways. Also, Naseer’s skills are making him “absolutely essential” to his tribe, as Sydney says.

8:15 — At Yase, times are tough because they have no food, not even rice. When Voce and Evvie go off, Xander and Liana split up to look for them, but Xander is actually looking for an idol, which he finds. It’s the Beware advantage that Jeff Probst hid during the premiere episode. “If you take it, it’s yours and you must do what it says, otherwise leave it,” is what it says on the outside. Xander decides to take it. He now has one-third of an immunity idol. In order for it to have power, the other two idols must also be found. Here’s how you will know. At the next Immunity Challenge, you must say a secret phrase in front of the other players. The other players will respond. Once they’ve all been said at a challenge, the idol has power. But until then, you cannot vote at Tribal. WHOA. Xander shows the instructions to Voce and Evvie. The phrases are WACKY.

8:20 — It does not go unnoticed by Evvie that Xander suddenly has a lot of power (the idol and his extra vote) but he cannot vote right now, so she thinks it’s time to work with the women. Yes, Evvie! Baller.

8:30 — Immunity Challenge time. They have to dive into the water and retrieve keys, then race across some obstacles, unlock puzzle pieces and solve a puzzle. Also, there are two immunity idols and both those teams get fishing gear. Going into the puzzle, Luvu is ahead, followed by Ua and then Yase. Shan and Tiffany really struggle with the balance beam. Luvu pulls out the win (their second) and then Yase makes a game of it, but they can’t make up for Tiffany’s slowness on the balance beam and they lose. As the winners, Luvu gets to pick one person from Yase to go on a journey and then they get to pick either someone from ua or someone from their own tribe to go with that person. They pick Evvie and then Deshawn volunteers to go from Luvu.

8:40 — Back at Yase, Tiffany is very sorry for losing, but she’s convinced she’s in good shape because of Liana and Evvie. Yeah, maybe. She’s getting an edit like they might blindside her. But if I were one of the women, I would target Xander too while he can’t vote.

8:45 — With Evvie and Deshawn’s journey, Evvie immediately bonds with Deshawn. She seems utterly charming. As they hike to the summit, she pitches to Deshawn that they work together down the line and then she says she can’t risk her vote tonight, so if he risks his vote, he’ll get an extra vote. That’s assuming this is the same decision as last time, though. Evvie also tells Deshawn about probably booting Xander and the idol powers. Wow. Evvie just spilling all kind of tea. When it comes to the choice, it is the same as last time. Evvie protects her vote and Deshawn risks his, so he gets an extra vote.

8:50 — Back at camp, Evvie fills them in on the decision and is honest about protecting her vote. But the women go off together and discuss voting off Xander, which they agree on. This seems too easy… oh, there it is. Tiffany starts trying to convince Liana and Evvie to vote off Voce to protect her (Tiffany) because if Xander activated his idol, she’s going home. OH MY GOD, TIFFANY. Use your brain! He didn’t activate the idol because nobody else said anything! And just like that, the two other women are thinking about voting Tiffany out because she’s a bit unstable. Um, yeah.

8:55 — At Tribal, Tiffany says she can’t compete at a high level on zero sleep with no food. Yeah, but everybody is in that same boat. No excuses. Also, VOca can’t stop mentioning surgery. Ughhhhh. After some jibber-jabber about juggling chainsaws trying to decide between “loyalty” and “challenges,” which doesn’t make a ton of sense, they vote. The votes go Tiffany, Voce, Voce and then Voce. WOW. So she convinced them to flip.

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on CBS. The 42nd season will air in the spring of 2022. Seasons 43 and 44 are casting now, so if you’ve always wanted to apply, now is your chance!

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