‘Survivor 41’ Elimination Spoilers: Who Was Voted Off Tonight? 10/27/2021

“Ready to Play Like a Lion” — Jeff Probst and Shantel Smith on the sixth episode of SURVIVOR 41

CBS “Ready to Play Like a Lion” — Jeff Probst and Shantel Smith on the sixth episode of SURVIVOR 41

The latest “Survivor” episode is titled “Ready to Play Like a Lion” and its description reads, “For 12 days, the Luvu tribe has avoided going to tribal council, but now that the three tribes have merged, their alliances will be tested. Also, there’s a new twist when it comes to the merge.”

The twist appears to be drawing rocks, based on the sneak peeks “Survivor” has posted to social media — but we do not yet know what those rocks signify. Hopefully, it will help the four Yase members and two Ua members have a fighting chance against Luvu, which is six strong and could choose to pick off the others one by one if they wanted to.

If you need to advantage update, here is where everyone stands:

  • Xander Hastings has an immunity idol and an extra vote.
  • Shantel Smith and Naseer Muttalif each have an immunity idol.
  • Ricard Foye and Deshawn Radden each have an extra vote.
  • Liana Wallace has the Knowledge is Power advantage.

Follow along below with our live blog as the seventh castaway is eliminated from “Survivor 41” but be warned of spoilers.


All times Eastern.

8:05 — After Tribal, Shan feels really bad about duping Genie, but she knows she needs to stick with “gamer” Ricard. She’s not wrong. But she also worries she can’t really trust Ricard. She’s not wrong about that either. Meanwhile, Ricard is still pretty salty that Shan asked for her extra vote back, and Shan is salty that Ricard won’t give it back to her. This is a tricky situation because Shan gave it to him and he can keep it. But also, she gave it to him when she couldn’t vote and that’s just a risk you take.

Also, Ricard is understandably nervous about giving Shan so much power (because she also has an idol) and he makes a good point saying that if they are in this together, it shouldn’t matter WHO has the extra vote.

8:10 — Merge time. Xander is pumped that he and the Yase women are so tight, which feels like a bit of editing schadenfreude where he is going to get cut later. But maybe there are some cracks the Yase four can exploit in the Luvu six.

But wait! Jeff Probst camera-talks and informs us that no one is going home this week because this is a two-part episode. There’s a challenge that will have one group winning safety but also giving one player a historic amount of power. Wow.

8:15 — But before the actual merge, everyone drops their buffs and they now have to earn their way into the merge. They draw rocks to divide into two teams — the winning team is safe and gets a feast, and the losing team will have to go on to compete in an individual immunity challenge. Two players will draw gray rocks and won’t get to compete in this challenge at all. The teams are Heather, Xander, Liana, Tiffany and Shan (yellow), and Deshawn, Danny, Ricard, Sydney and Evvie (blue). Naseer and Erika have gray rocks.

8:20 — Thechallenge involves digging a giant boulder out of the sand and then maneuvering it through a course. The blue tribe seemingly has all the strength and it is no surprise they get their boulder out of the sand first. But yellow does not quit and they try so hard to try to catch up, which they do. They get to the puzzle before blue has solved it, though blue has a pretty big lead. And then blue wins.

8:25 — Blue then gets to choose between Naseer and Erika. One of them will join blue and get safety, the other one will be sent to an island alone for two days. Of course, that person will probably be given a lot of power, so, I hope it’s Naseer (no offense to Erika). Blue’s decision comes down to rock, paper, scissors and Naseer gets the feast, Erika gets sent away. After everyone leaves, Erika feels like rock, paper, scissors is a cover to not hurt her feelings because she knows she’s on the bottom. Awww.

8:35 The merge feast is insanely decadent. It turns out that rock, paper, scissors was absolutely a cover. The men wanted to keep Naseer close because all the women keep voting out the men. Little do they know about Erika getting so much power! Ha!

8:40 — WIth the losing group, Shan immediately asks Liana if she got the advantage and Liana is a little irritated that Shan brought it up in front of Tiffany. But she tells Shan what her advantage is and they talk about stealing Xander’s idol and then they each have one. Ooooh. But Liana does tell Tiffany what the advantage is and then starts worrying that Tiffany is a major threat, while Tiffany starts worrying the same thing about Liana. Hmmm.

8:50 — When the winners eventually come back to camp, Xander immediately starts buttering up Naseer about basically needing the men to help him. It’s easy to do because everyone is ready to vote off Erika. Also, there is a Black alliance starting to coalesce between Deshawn, Danny, Liana and Shan.

8:55 — In the final frames of tonight’s episode, Jeff pays a visit to Erika at her solo excursion. He gives her an hourglass and says she can either leave the game in its current state, or she can smash the hourglass and change history — reverse the outcome of yesterday’s challenge, forcing the winners to compete in individual immunity and giving safety to herself and the ones who lost the challenge. Um, you gotta do it! DO IT. But we’ll have to wait until next week to see what she chooses.

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on CBS. The 42nd season will air in the spring of 2022. Seasons 43 and 44 are casting now, so if you’ve always wanted to apply, now is your chance!

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