‘Do or Die’ Twist Returns in ‘Survivor 42’ Episode 11

Survivor 42 episode 11

CBS The final 7 contestants of "Survivor 42" assemble for a challenge in episode 11.

Last week’s episode of “Survivor 42” saw strategic powerhouse Hai Giang blindsided in one of the biggest moves of the season. This move, spearheaded by Canadian veterinarian Omar Zaheer, arguably leaves Omar, fellow Canadian Drea Wheeler, and perhaps even emerging power player Lindsay Dolashewich in the driver’s seat.

The final 7 consists of the Taku 4 – largely controlled by Omar and Lindsay, while also including physical powerhouse Jonathan Young, as well as the bubbly yet shrewd Maryanne Wheeler – as well as Drea, Mike Turner, and Romeo Escobar.

Last season’s controversial “Do or Die” twist is set to make a reappearance in tonight’s episode. Although Deshawn Radden, who fell victim to the twist last season, was able to escape by the skin of his teeth, whoever may fall victim to the twist tonight may not be so lucky.

For a breakdown of who has what advantages as of tonight, check out our post here.

Let’s see how it all plays out in tonight’s episode of “Survivor,” titled “Battle Royale.”

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8:10 – The final 7 are celebrating the successful overthrow of Hai. “We lopped his head off, just like he deserved,” Mike says, adding – oddly – that he “orchestrated it right from the beginning” (clearly Mike is getting a somewhat warped view of the whole situation). Romeo is similarly thrilled, hoping that the “underdogs” will be able to take over the game. Lindsay notes that, with Hai gone, she and Drea now have a Steal-a-Vote due to their shared Advantage Amulet.

Amidst a pretty weird scene in which Maryanne loses her toenail (which apparently happens “two or three times a year”), she says that she is having a lot of fun, and is grateful that people don’t see her as a threat (while also understanding that that may not play in her favor in the end). She and Romeo think that the other five are going to start cannibalizing each other. “Who would’ve thought that the people on the bottom are now in the power position?” she says to him.

As she and Romeo bond, the other five – Lindsay, Mike, Drea, Omar, and Jonathan – strategize on the beach. “It surprises me that the two of them are still there,” Drea says of the other two.

Mike describes Romeo’s “best move” as reaching into the pot and taking food, in what is probably the best line of the season: “Romeo Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? He’s sitting in the same spot that he sat in 20 days ago. Hasn’t moved. That’s where Romeo art thou.”

The five make a “final five” pact, with Mike even giving the others “my word.” However…he later reveals to Omar that he was simply doing so to placate Drea…uh oh. There goes that loyalty play. However, this just makes Omar worried about Mike’s newfound sneaky gameplay. Mike, what have you done?? Calling him the “new Hai,” he says that Mike has becoming exactly what he accused Hai of doing, and that that isn’t going to work for him. “He’s feeling high after Hai, if you know what I mean,” Omar tells Drea, in what probably should’ve been the title of this episode.

8:15 – Jonathan is feeling incredibly weak. In fact, he can barely move as he’s lying in the shelter. But he doesn’t want his tribemates to see that he’s weak. Drea, however, notices that he’s feeling “hangry,” and it’s pissing her off. She no longer has any empathy for him now that he’s weak, saying she only wanted to work with “strong” players.


Lindsay is piggybacking off her strategy from last episode, noting that she wants to eliminate Jonathan because “starting to unravel,” is “not a great ally,” and could tank her game. Now, she strategizes with the others to beat him come the immunity challenge.

Man, it’s getting pretty hard to keep track of who’s betraying who (or trying to) at this point.

8:30 – Immunity time, and Jeff’s breaking the fourth wall again. As we suspected, he confirms that “Do or Die” is returning. God help the “Survivor” publicity team.

Lindsay’s jaw drops to the floor as Jeff explains the twist.

When the contestants have to decide whether they compete or not, we get a pretty incredible outcome. Unlike last time, when two players decided not to compete while the other five did, this time, only two people decide to compete, while the other five sit out. The two are Jonathan, and Lindsay. This means that one of the two wins immunity, and the other one will compete in “Do or Die.”

“This is gonna be Battle Royale right now,” Lindsay says of the upcoming challenge.

They get to it, and five minutes into the challenge, they are already shaking. Clearly, this is a lot harder than it looks.

After about 12 minutes and a very tough battle, a struggling Lindsay finally drops, followed immediately by Jonathan. There we have it folks. Lindsay will be the second-ever victim of the infamous “Do or Die” twist. Will she indeed “Die”? We’ll find out shortly, but if not, Jonathan may be coming for her. “She’s the number one competitor that I have to go against,” he says. “if it’s time for her to go, then I’m okay with her leaving.”

8:40 – Lindsay is ‘very disappointed” in herself, calling her decision to play in the immunity challenge “such a dumb decision.” We’re now getting a peek into her backstory; turns out she’s always been a competitive girl. She’s proud of herself for fighting and giving it her all, though.

Drea says that, although she was “rooting for my girl” (Lindsay), she’s also rooting for her to go home, since it would turn her Steal-a-Vote into an immunity idol. If Lindsay is rendered safe, however, she wants Romeo out. Mike, however, wants Drea out, and coordinates this plan with Lindsay. Just like Drea, Lindsay is pretty happy about this plan, for the same reason. “Drea better hope that I go home, because if not it’s gonna be her!” Lindsay says.

Jonathan and Maryanne also seem pretty happy about the plan to vote out Drea. “If anybody lets her get to the end, she will win,” Maryanne says. “Point blank, period.” Mike is thrilled about how everyone seems to be turning against Drea “like dominoes.”

Drea, however, plans to steal Mike’s immunity idol via her Knowledge Is Power advantage, because she just feels a “very weird vibe” around camp, and feels as though people are lying to her…very perceptive, Drea. She proceeds to tell Omar about this plan…bad move, Drea… I have a bad feeling Omar is gonna pull something.

Naturally, Omar goes straight to Lindsay about this. The two Takus plan to convince Mike to give them his idol for safety, essentially “neutering” (in classic vet lingo) both Drea and Omar, and siphoning the power to themselves. It looks like Omar has quite a few big decisions to make tonight.

8:55 – It’s Tribal Council on night 21, and I just want to know…how come the jury never makes an entrance anymore?? Yet another piece of classic “Survivor” we’re missing out on. Anyway, onto Tribal.

Lindsay says she made a poor choice, but Mike says that he greatly respects Lindsay for her “warrior” attitude. Maryanne also adds how much she respects Lindsay’s competitiveness.

Drea notices that she’s an observer, saying that at camp, she “observes” when people go to water and come back with empty canteens, or go to collect wood and come back empty handed. She’s…well, observant.

Let’s get onto Do or Die. Like Deshawn last season, Lindsay is presented with three boxes: one of which has a flame, which represents life, and two of which have a skull, which represent death. When told to pick one, Lindsay picks the middle one. Monty Hall-style, Jeff reveals the skull in one of the other boxes, and offers her the chance to switch. Despite Hai’s insistence to the jury that you “always swap” (he’s right, though it obviously won’t be right 100% of the time), she doesn’t.

And…Lindsay is…SAFE!!! Amazing. She goes back to her seat, relieved.

Now, Drea plays her Knowledge Is Power advantage against Mike, as planned. Everyone is freaking out, and Mike…DOES NOT HAVE HIS IDOL!! In one of our iconic “new era” flashback sequences, it is revealed that Omar approached Mike about Drea’s plan, convincing him to give him his idol. Now, Omar has it, and it’ll be up to him as to whether he’ll give it back or not.

At the voting booth, Maryanne is still reeling from that intense Tribal, and Drea plays her extra vote.

The votes are tallied, and as Jeff reads the votes, Drea becomes the 11th person voted out and the 5th member of the jury.

In what might top Hai’s blindside as one of the most insane exits of all time, Drea, who may be on some kind of upper, jumps on and hugs basically everyone left, and delivers some parting words to each of the six remaining castaways.

“Lindsay, I’m rooting for you, you know why.” (Do we?? I guess we’ll find out soon enough).

“Jonathan, believe it or not, you were never on my radar. But you were always after me.”

“Mike, if you make it to the end, you’ll probably win.” (To which Mike thanks her for giving him the “kiss of death”).

“Romeo, you’ve been on the block every time.”

“Omar, you’re the only person I told this secret to and I want everyone else to know that.”

“Maryanne, keep being you, babe.”

She then runs up to Mike and grabs him in excitement one more time, then returns to her torch.

“Never seen a moment like this,” Jeff says before snuffing her torch. No kidding, Jeff.

“Survivor 42” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. The three-hour finale airs Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

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