Boston Rob Reveals The Best Part of His 20-Year ‘Survivor’ Career

Boston Rob on Survivor over the years

CBS Boston Rob on Survivor over the years

Fan-favorite Survivor contestant Boston Rob Mariano recently opened up about what was the absolute best moment of his 20-year career on the show. In an interview with Canada’s Global News, the six-time player was asked if he could choose just one moment from all the seasons he participated in as his No. 1 moment and he didn’t even hesitate. Here is what Mariano had to say.

Mariano Said His Girls Getting to Visit Him During ‘Winners at War’ Was the Ultimate Moment

During the interview about his new cookbook, Mariano was asked to pick a favorite moment and it took no time at all for him to respond:

“When my children came out there to the island, that was probably the culmination of almost a 20-year career on Survivor. Everything came full circle and everything was right in the world,” said Mariano. “Survivor’s given me so much in the course of my lifetime and it was so awesome to be able to share that moment with Amber and my kids on the island. Something I’ll never forget.”

Mariano met his wife Amber Brkich on the eighth season of Survivor where the two of them ended up as the final two players, with Brkich winning over Mariano. They went on to compete on The Amazing Race together twice and got married in 2005. They have since welcomed four daughters: Lucia, 11, Carina, 10, Isabetta, 8, and Adelina, 6.

In a video filmed during “Winners at War,” which is the first season Boston Rob and Amber played together since all-stars, Brkich said, “I love our story. I love that I have such a unique story to tell. One day we’re going to have such a great story to tell our grandchildren.”

They also both admitted to not knowing if their romance was real when they were actually playing the game because they were both worried the other person was using it as a strategy to get farther in the game, with Brkich saying, “I wanted to believe that it was real because I knew that if it wasn’t, it was gonna hurt really, really bad that you had played me all that time.”

Mariano Said He Would ‘Love Nothing More’ Than For the Girls to go on ‘Survivor’

When asked if the girls will ever appear on Survivor, Mariano said they’re “already in training.”

“They have me set up obstacle courses for them in the backyard. We watch the show, we’re fans of the show when we’re not on it and they love it. They’re still a little bit young, but if it gets to that point, someday — they have two great teachers in my wife and myself. I’d love nothing more for them to have that adventure as well,” said Mariano.

As part of the promotion for the Mariano family cookbook, Boston Rob, Amber, and the girls recently hosted a virtual dinner party where they prepared recipes from the book for their fans.

On Instagram, fans are saying it was a rousing success and they hope the Mariano family does another one soon.

“We had a blast! The food was delicious too! Thanks so much!” wrote one fan, while another added, “It was so fun and delicious!”

A third wrote, “Thanks again Rob! Loved every minute with you, Amber and your sweet girls! And the meal….. DELICIOUS! It’s now a family favourite of ours as well.”

Survivor season 41 begins filming soon with an expected premiere date of late September 2021.

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