Boston Rob Mariano Shares Update on His Family

Amber Mariano and Rob Mariano attend the premiere of CBS' "Survivor" 40th Season

Getty Amber Mariano and Rob Mariano attend the premiere of CBS' "Survivor" 40th Season

After teasing Survivor fans for months about a new project he has in the works, Boston Rob Mariano has finally revealed what it is — a cookbook! Here’s what you need to know about it and how to get your hands on a copy.

The Cookbook is Called ‘Boston Rob’s Family Favorites’

Mariano made the big reveal on Instagram, touting that his “Boston Rob’s Family Favorites Cookbook” is now available on his official website. He also included a photo of his biography on the back of the book, which reads:

Robert Carlo Mariano (born December 25, 1975), better known as Boston Rob, is an American television personality, known for six appearances on the CBS reality show Survivor. He won the title of Sole Survivor on the show’s 22nd season, Survivor: Redemption Island. Rob met his wife, Amber, during filming of the show’s eighth season, Survivor: All-Stars, and famously proposed to her during the season finale. Now married fifteen years, the two have four daughters, Lucia Rose (11), Carina Rose (10), Isabetta Rose (8), and Adelina Rose (6).

Boston Rob is an avid amateur chef and often shares his culinary creations on social media. He credits his interests in the culinary arts to his parents and grandparents, the latter of whom were Italian immigrants. Rob’s recipes are shaped by dishes he enjoyed both as a child of Italian heritage as well as those from his worldwide travels.

Mariano also wrote his website, “I suppose most of you think of Survivor when you think of me. But you might be surprised to know that I have had a lifelong passion and love for cooking. I grew up in a traditional Italian-American family that believed in having family dinners together. My parents both cooked and all of us participated in preparing and enjoying family meals.

“As far as I can remember, none of us ever complained about this. We enjoyed cooking together. Most of the time it involved a lot of kidding around; but there were plenty of meaningful, insightful conversations, too. I’ve never sought any professional training but I have experimented substantially to perfect my recipes. What you’ll find on the following pages are our favorite dishes. I hope you enjoy them with your families as we have.”

During his video announcement and book reveal, Mariano joked that their exciting announcement is NOT that they’re having another baby.

“No, we are not having another baby. However, we are very excited to show you guys what we’ve been up to. Over the course of the last six months over the pandemic, we’ve found ourselves with a lot of downtime and we used that time to work on a project that’s very passionate to me. My entire family helped me out with it,” said Mariano as his girls helped him reveal the cookbook, adding that everybody in the family helped create a recipe and there are several Survivor-inspired recipes as well.

When Mariano was teasing his fans about this new project, a lot of them thought he was talking about a cooking show, with one Instagram commenter writing, “Cooking with the wife and beautiful girls… I’d watch.” Perhaps this is just the first step to something along those lines!

The Cookbook Does Not Disappoint

We ordered a copy of the cookbook and we can tell you that it is full of amazing recipes. They look and sound delicious, especially the Murlonio Grilled Cheese. On its page, Mariano writes, “Amber and I found love in a unique place where most people would never expect it, in a game where you’re supposed to vote each other out. In all of that chaos we found each other and fell in love.”

It is also full of beautiful photos of Mariano’s family, especially ones of them cooking together, and lovely stories about how he discovered his love of cooking after a trip to Italy that he got from Survivor after appearing on season four. There is also a Christmas Eve tradition dessert that would be a special tradition for any family.

His Fellow Castaways Are Pumped About the Cookbook

On his Instagram post, Michele Fitzgerald wrote that needs to get a copy, while Kim Spradlin-Wolfe joked that she hopes it has pizza in it, to which Mariano replied, “You know it!”

“Awesome! Congrats bro! Looks a lot tastier than the peanut butter you hid from me on the edge,” joked Ethan Zohn, adding, “Yum! Just ordered mine!!! And when can I come over for dinner!” and castaway Wendell Holland added, “Oh, this is what you’ve been cookin’ up?! Love it, I need a signed edition!”

Mariano also assured his fans that there is a recipe for “crispy rice” in the cookbook, a nod to his campfire rice-cooking skills from Survivor.

Several fans also wrote that their children are going to be very excited to get the cookbook as a gift. Unfortunately, the cookbook is already sold out on Mariano’s website, but the message does say that you can pick one up from the publisher here. The book is $39.99.

They Are Probably Pretty Healthy Recipes

This new cookbook also goes hand in hand with Mariano’s announcement in December that he has formed a new partnership with WW+ (formerly known Weight Watchers).

When he announced that partnership back in December, Mariano wrote that he was excited to start a “personalized and holistic” approach to becoming healthier.

“This more holistic approach to wellness allows me to gain even more support and motivation in all aspects of health — which I admit, I need help being held accountable for. The myWW+ program provides the accountability I need in order to be successful — but also does not deprive me of the foods I love… because we know I love food! You guys know I can survive on anything, but life isn’t about surviving, it’s about thriving. MyWW+ is going to help me put my health first and support me even more on my wellness journey,” wrote Mariano.

Survivor will most likely not return until fall 2021 with season 41, which should begin filming in April.

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