A ‘Survivor: Redemption Island’ Contestant and His Sister Tried to Cheat!


In a recent interview, Survivor: Redemption Island runner-up Natalie Tenerelli revealed something rather jaw-dropping about her season — Boston Rob Mariano’s sister Heather tried to smuggle in food during the loved ones visit! Read on for the details and also what Tenerelli has been up to since her time on the show.

Heather Mariano Tried to Smuggle Boston Rob a Peanut Butter Sandwich

Best of Boston Rob- Winner of Redemption IslandI worked so hard on this so I hope you enjoy. Rob, you played a perfect game and probably the greatest of all time.2019-05-11T06:03:53Z

According to Tenerelli’s interview with Entertainment Weekly, during the loved ones visit on the “Redemption Island” season, Heather Mariano “snuck a peanut butter and jelly sandwich [in] for Rob,” but was thwarted when Tenerelli’s mom “caught her in the act!”

Honestly, you gotta respect that hustle, and it is hilarious that they got caught, especially in light of this interview Heather did with CBS when she appeared on the show. No wonder she tried to smuggle in food — she was really worried about Boston Rob becoming emaciated and losing all of his strength.

“I was expecting him to be emaciated and hard. He looks great, he’s so full of energy and he’s in his element. I just let him know we were all proud of him and to stay strong and save his energy, really. I’m afraid that nine days from now, even though he feels strong now, that perhaps he might feel more drained and the food’s gonna run out eventually. So instead of going out and gathering all the wood, to relax more at the camp,” said Heather.

Natalie Said Rob Is Like a Brother to Her

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Tenerelli also said that Boston Rob is one of the people she keeps in touch with the most from her season — him and Andrea Boehlke.

“I keep in touch with Rob and Andrea most. Rob is like a brother to me! We don’t talk too often, but I know he always has my back. I feel the same way about Andrea! I love that girl! I always love seeing Phillip [Sheppard] at different Survivor events. He always has a positive energy and brings a smile to my face! Julie Berry wasn’t on my season but deserves a shout-out because she is one of my dearest friends and I can’t imagine not having met her,” said Tenerelli.

As for what she has been up to since appearing on the show, Tenerelli said she has pursued her dancing career by dancing for multiple sports teams, including the Los Angeles Clippers. She even appeared on E!’s L.A. Clippers Dance Squad TV show where she was featured as “basically the worst dancer on the team,” but she said she has healed from that experience and it’s “all good now.”

Finally, Tenerelli said that if she was offered the opportunity to go back on the show, she definitely would.

“My heart starts beating really fast at the thought of my return. Ekkkkk! I feel like I’m such old news though! Maybe one day it will happen,” said Tenerelli.

Survivor hopes to film seasons 41, 42 and possibly 43 in the spring of 2021.

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