‘Survivor’ Legends Come Together For One Castaway’s Cancer Battle

Survivor contestants Ozzy Lusth, Cirie Fields, Natalie Bolton, and Parvati Shallow attend the Survivor: Micronesia Finale and Reunion Show

Getty Survivor contestants Ozzy Lusth, Cirie Fields, Natalie Bolton, and Parvati Shallow attend the Survivor: Micronesia Finale and Reunion Show

If you need a Christmas present for the diehard Survivor fan in your life, look no further than this star-studded holiday party hosted by the woman, the myth, the legend herself — Cirie Fields of “Panama,” “Micronesia,” “Heroes vs. Villains,” and “Game Changers.” Plus, the proceeds are going to help Survivor castaway Sunday Burquest’s cancer battle. The mother of four received a devastating diagnosis this year of stage 4 cancer. She is bravely fighting on through chemotherapy, and her fellow Survivors are supporting her every way they can.

The Party Boasts Some of Survivor’s Most Legendary Players

Fields’ virtual holiday party includes Parvati Shallow, Adam Klein, Andrea Boehlke, Michaela Bradshaw, Michele Fitzgerald, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Ozzy Lusth, Natalie Bolton, Lauren-Ashley Beck, Shane Powers, Eliza Orlins, Brice Izyah, Max Dawson, Tyson Apostol, Davie Rickenbacker, Mark Caruso, Stephenie LaGrossa, Carl Boudreaux, and “more surprise guests.”

There will be a Survivor trivia room, puzzle competitions, and a casting workshop with Adam Klein. The party will be held via Zoom on Saturday, December 19 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Eastern. Tickets are $40 apiece, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Sunday Burquest’s fight against cancer.

Fans are super excited about the lineup. One wrote on the post, “Oh man, can this be the cast of season 41!” and another echoed that with, “Can this please be the cast for a new all-stars season because DAMN.”

A third called it “the biggest party of the year, OMG,” another simply said, “Stacked,” and a third wrote, “So many legends!”

Sunday Is Also Organizing a Skype Raffle

In addition to the holiday party, Burquest has gotten a group of castaways to sign on to do Skype calls with fans. The “Live to Give” raffle is just $10 per entry and you must enter by December 31, with the drawing behind held on January 4. It looks like there will be 12 winners who will receive a 15-minute Skype call with one of these 12 castaways: Burquest, Diaz-Twine, Fitzgerald, Klein, Kelley Wentworth, Ethan Zohn, Libby Vincek, Holly Hoffman, Desi Williams, Lex van den Berghe, Terry Deitz, and Angelina Keeley.

The grand prize is a 30-minute phone call and audition tape review with former CBS casting producer Jodi Wincheski.

Burquest, who was already a breast cancer survivor before she played on Survivor: Gen X vs. Millennials, was diagnosed with esophageal and ovarian cancer earlier this year. The wife and mother of four then later updated her followers with the news that the cancer is stage 4, it is terminal, and it has spread to her liver and lymph nodes. She is undergoing chemotherapy because surgery is not an option. Her doctor told her she may only have one to two years to live if the cancer does not respond well to the chemo treatments.

There is no word yet on when Survivor will be back on the air. There is talk about the production team filming three seasons this spring so that they can air one in the summer of 2021, one in the fall and then one in the spring of 2022.

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