Deleted Scene: Maryanne Oketch Suffers a Breakdown on ‘Survivor’

Maryanne Oketch

TikTok Maryanne Oketch in a "Survivor 42" deleted scene.

Any fan of “Survivor” knows that the conditions out on the island push castaways of every season to their limits physically and mentally, and “Survivor 42” was no exception.

A newly released deleted scene shows season 42 contestant Maryanne Oketch, the 23-year-old student from Ajax, Ontario, suffering a breakdown on Day 18 due to the misery of the persistent rain and cold. Here’s what you need to know:

Maryanne ‘Can’t Remember How It Feels’ to Be Warm

In a deleted scene posted by the TikTok account @allwinnerssurvivor (above), contestants are shown to be suffering under the miserable living conditions amidst the pouring rain and cold. And, despite being from Canada, Maryanne seems to be suffering the worst of all.

The scene, which takes place on Day 18, the day after the “split” double Tribal Councils in episode 9 begins with a confessional from Maryanne, who says, “I’m someone who, I hate being wet and I hate being cold.” She adds that “when you can’t remember how it feels like to be warm, your morale just continuously goes down.”

Back at camp, as Maryanne is shown to be huddling and shivering under the shelter, 57-year-old Mike Turner chimes in, saying, “Just sit in the rain and freeze all night. Is that not the craziest thing?” Lindsay Dolashewich, who stands outside the shelter, refers to the structure as a “damp, dark cave,” adding that “it definitely felt colder in there,” versus outside the shelter.

Jonathan Young then proceeds to successfully light a flame and start a new fire; however, almost as if on cue, it starts to rain again immediately afterward, forcing them to come up with new makeshift protection for the fire.

Maryanne Has a Breakdown

Labeling Day 18 as “one of the hardest days of my life,” Maryanne describes the misery as “having the rain just pouring down on you and not being able to start a fire,” adding that all of her clothes were “drenched in the freezing cold.”

The following morning, Maryanne begins to break down in a new confessional, saying that the “only thing that was keeping me going forward is knowing that tomorrow the sun would’ve been up, and I could dry my clothes and feel warm.” However, the rain persisted on Day 19.

In tears, Maryanne goes on: “I tried to get a flame so I could wear some clothes to sleep at night, because it’s gonna be so cold.”

No doubt that season 42 is certainly a trying one for the contestants; indeed, host Jeff Probst has stated multiple times that “Survivor 41” and “42” had been among the hardest seasons ever for the players, and even called season 42 “the most dangerous version of ‘Survivor’ ever seen.”

Furthermore, just a few days before this deleted scene took place, Jonathan, who is known for his large stature and physical prowess, almost “passed out” due to the extreme living conditions imposed on them by production. However, all turned out more or less fine for him after winning some food in a reward challenge. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for many of the other, smaller contestants, such as Maryanne. Hopefully she and the other six remaining players will be able to endure the final week more or less smoothly.

“Survivor 42” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. The three-hour finale airs Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

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