This ‘Survivor 41’ Finalist Had an Unseen ‘Tantrum’ at Final Tribal

Survivor 41 final 3

YouTube The three finalists of "Survivor 41" – Deshawn Radden, Erika Casupanan, and Xander Hastings – at Final Tribal Council.

Deshawn Radden was known throughout his appearance on “Survivor 41” as being somewhat unable to control his emotions, which caused him some grief at the hands of other contestants. It was this emotional instability which led to many jury members criticizing Deshawn and his gameplay in the season’s Final Tribal Council, resulting in him losing to Erika Casupanan in a 7-1 vote.

Recently, eighth-place finisher Shan Smith, who was blindsided by Deshawn in the dramatic tenth episode of this season, spoke out about Deshawn, and revealed some things about his behavior at Final Tribal, including that he had what she described as a “tantrum” that was cut from the episode.

Here’s what you need to know:

Shan on Deshawn: ‘Same Old Baby, Insecure, Volatile Mentality’

Last week, Shan sat down with Lauren Beck to discuss a variety of topics about her time on “Survivor,” including what it was like approaching the three finalists – Deshawn, Erika, and Xander Hastings – as a jury member. While being open about how Deshawn’s betrayal of her at the final 8 made her feel “deeply triggered,” as well as the fact that, from her perspective, the move simply didn’t make sense, she also said that she went into the Tribal wanting some answers, and hoped that Deshawn would be able to provide them with some.

Instead, Shan explained, as she and other jury members – including Liana Wallace and Ricard Foyé – grilled him on the poor decision, he went into a sort of “shutdown…again, another sulking mode,” as she put it. Shan went on to say he “threw [a] tantrum” that night, which got so bad that host Jeff Probst even had to call him out on it:

He threw another tantrum in Final Tribal Council. It was distracting to the point where Jeff had to call it out, but they cut all that out…There’s even [another] moment that didn’t air where I said to Deshawn, ‘You’re sulking again! … You’re about to– you could win a million dollars! Instead of sulking, just tell us your strategy, because you wronged us! So tell us what you did!’ Again, in sulking mode.

Deshawn, Shan explained, reasoned that there wasn’t anything he could say to sway anybody, which Shan described as “the same old baby, insecure, volatile mentality that we were getting again.” This cemented for her the idea that she would not be voting for him. “I do not want you to be the winner of this season,” Shan said of her former ally, “in any capacity.”

For those interested, Shan said that when it came to Xander, both Evvie Jagoda and Tiffany Seely – his top two allies during the game – had shared that he “didn’t do much strategizing,” and that he “burned bridges with them when he didn’t need to,” frustrating Shan given that he “needed those numbers.” “That strategy didn’t make any sense to me,” she explained. So as a result, Erika became the clear winner.

Liana: Deshawn’s Game Was ‘Emotional’ and ‘Sporadic’

Deshawn Radden and Liana Wallace in Survivor 41

YouTubeDeshawn Radden and Liana Wallace in episode 11 of “Survivor 41.”

Liana, another one of Deshawn’s former allies whose game was tanked due to Shan’s blindside, said similar things about Deshawn. However, she emphasized that she went into the Final Tribal open-minded, even though she had the “strongest resistance” toward him. “I felt like his game was just emotional and like, just sporadic,” Liana said of Deshawn, “and it made no sense.”

She revealed that she also asked Deshawn to explain his blindside of Shan (a question which didn’t make the final cut), but he couldn’t give a decent answer. “And so…for me,” Liana explained, “it was just like, it just doesn’t make sense. It wasn’t even good for your gameplay, and not even being bitter at all, it’s just like, how did that make sense for your game? And he couldn’t even answer that question.”

For his part, Deshawn believed that he was “for sure” going to win after beating Heather Aldret in their intense and dramatic fire-making showdown. However, as soon as the jury began their questioning, Deshawn understood that he was not, in fact, a favorite to win.

Deshawn ended up placing second, securing the vote of his friend and ally Danny McCray. In his voting confessional, Danny said that he was voting for Deshawn because he felt his game was “more intentional, [and] more risk-taking” than Erika or Xander’s.

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. Season 42 premieres March 9, 2022.

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