‘Survivor 41’ Elimination Spoilers: Who Was Voted Off Tonight? 12/8/2021

'Survivor' season 41 episode 12

CBS 'Survivor' season 41 episode 12

“Survivor” season 41 is down to its final six players — Danny McCray, Deshawn Radden, Erika Casupanan, Heather Aldret, Ricard Foye, and Xander Hastings. One person will be eliminated on December 8 and the final five will head into next week’s three-hour finale and live reunion show.

The penultimate episode of season 41 is called “Truth Kamikaze” and its description teases, ” Castaways need to alter their plans after the winner of the immunity challenge throws a wrench in their next big move. A truth bomb at Tribal Council could be the demise of one castaway.” Oooh, who could be the next target? Xander? Ricard? We’ll have to tune in to find out!

Follow along below with our live blog as the 13th castaway is eliminated from “Survivor 41” but be warned of spoilers.


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8:05 — After that emotional Tribal Council, everyone is kind of in shock, but Deshawn reassures everyone at camp that they are there to play the game and he doesn’t begrudge them that. But Deshawn is taking it hard that he stayed safe and it sent Liana home. Plus, Danny is irritated that Xander voted Liana out instead of Ricard. But Xander makes an excellent point in saying that it was important to keep Ricard around to act as a shield for him (Xander). He’s not wrong.

8:10 — The next day, Heather and Deshawn talk about Tribal Council and how hard it was for him to vote out someone “who looks like [him].” He tells Heather he didn’t want to make the game about race but it is also unavoidable for people of color sometimes. It just affects them whether they want it to or not. Heather says in a talking-head interview that it’s “so important” to her to take all of this back home with her.

Then Erika talks to Deshawn about feeling guilty that she’s letting people down by voting out women because a woman hasn’t won “Survivor” since Sarah Lacina in season 34. Yeah, I’m definitely in that camp. Women used to win a lot and there is a drought of women winning right now.

8:15 — Reward challenge time. Jeff Probst says they can have chicken and veggies or cookies and candy if they win (and if you pick cookies and candy, you are a dumb-dumb). The teams are Danny, Ricard, and Heather (blue) versus Xander, Deshawn and Erika (yellow). It’s a swimming challenge and then shooting buoys into baskets. Deshawn and Danny shoot for their respective teams while the other two retrieve the misses. It is neck and neck when they get to the shooting portion, but Deshawn makes quick work of the shots and the yellow team wins.

8:20 — At the reward, Xander and Erika say they are for sure voting out Ricard and Deshawn is like, “Uh, no doi, where was this last Tribal?!”, but he decides to ignore the fact that they’re coming a little late to the party and embrace the idea that they showed up at all, to paraphrase Sam Seaborn. Meanwhile, back at camp, Danny is hunting idols. When he comes back to camp, he is practically whistling a jaunty tune and Ricard and Heather immediately get suspicious. Ricard and Heather immediately think he has an idol.

8:25 — After the reward, Deshawn starts working on Erika to convince her to solidify a final three with himself and Xander. He wants her to say out loud that she won’t go the end with Heather. That confuses me a bit — Heather is a great person to take to the end because she has no resume to give the jury! She’s the perfect goat (not GOAT, lowercase goat) to take to the end.

8:35 — Immunity challenge time. This one is a race where you unspool a coil of rope, traverse obstacles, collect puzzle pieces and then solve a word puzzle. Everyone is pretty close when it gets to the puzzle, but it’s Ricard and Deshawn who pull ahead on the word puzzle — then Ricard wins his third individual immunity. Well, there goes that plan.

8:40 — Back at camp, Danny and Deshawn can’t believe the others didn’t take out Ricard when they had the chance. Now they’re worried it’s going to be one of them. Ricard tries to find out if Danny has an idol, but Danny plays it cool. He does NOT have an idol, but he’s letting people think that he does, which is almost as good. Heather and Xander try to decide who to vote out and Xander thinks Danny because Danny can beat Ricard, but Heather thinks Deshawn for the same reason. Erika is also trying to convince people to get rid of Danny (because of her alliance with Deshawn).

8:45 — Since he might be going home, Danny confesses to Deshawn that he played pro football for the Dallas Cowboys and Deshawn is good-naturedly like “WHATTTT?” But Deshawn loves it. Yeah, that’s a great secret.

8:50 — Tribal Council is pretty amiable. Danny and Deshawn know the other four are voting together, one of them is going home, and they’re just going to take it all in and enjoy things. They’re both in disbelief that no one took out Ricard when they had the chance and now he won immunity. They’re not mad at Ricard, they give him props for what he has accomplished and it’s really a foregone conclusion what’s happening now.

8:52 — Before the vote, Deshawn spills some tea. He tells Heather that Erika won’t take Heather to the end because Heather might steal some of her votes. He then says Erika has played a smart game and this is a pivotal moment. Ricard pipes up saying that it’s interesting that Deshawn is doing this when he isn’t 100 percent sure he’s going home. That is a good point. Erika also says that yeah, she can’t believe Deshawn did that when he might be staying because now she doesn’t trust him at all. Honestly, it sounds like Deshawn KNOWS it’s hime so he has nothing to lose and the “what if it wasn’t you” talk is all for show.

8:55 — The votes go Danny, Deshawn, Danny, Deshawn, Deshawn and Danny. So Danny and Deshawn voted for each other, that’s how sure they were. Huh. Interesting. Time to re-vote, but only between the four non-vote-getters. The votes now go Danny, Danny, and Danny and that’s it for Danny. Wow. Huh, again. Is it possible that Deshawn knew it was Danny and he threw that truthbomb out there to put a target on Erika because he secretly wants to sit at the end with Heather?! That would be next-level game play.

Next week: The three-hour finale and live reunion!

“Survivor 41” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on CBS. The 42nd season premieres Wednesday, March 9, 2022. Seasons 43 and 44 are casting now, so if you’ve always wanted to apply, now is your chance!

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