DELETED SCENE: ‘Survivor 41’ Castaway Reveals Meaning Behind Merge Tribe Name

Erika Casupanan

CBS Erika Casupanan

“Survivor” fans know it’s a tradition for castaways to create a new tribe name after the merge. Some seasons have aired the naming of the tribe, while others have cut this moment from the show. In season 40, players came up with the name Koru, which symbolizes “new beginnings, growth, and strength,” Adam Klein revealed in a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread. In a deleted scene from season 41,  Erika Casupanan shared her idea for a merge tribe name.

Erika Reveals Her Tribe Name Idea

Episode 8 Secret Scene (Survivor 41)Creating the merge tribe flag2021-11-11T05:46:56Z

In a deleted scene, Erika shares with her fellow castaways an idea for a tribe name.

Erika told her fellow castaways she wanted to name the tribe after something they all have in common. She proposed the name “viakana,” which is the Fijian word for hungry.

Fans know that being on “Survivor” means dealing with uncomfortable hunger. In episode eight of “Survivor 41,” which aired November 10, 2021, viewers watched the players start to break down over the lack of food.

In the episode, the castaways split into two teams and competed in a competition for the chance to win grilled-cheese sandwiches and chips. After the competition, viewers watched the losing team become emotional and frustrated with the lack of access to food.

“This game feels like it’s breaking me down sometimes. I feel very frustrated because I lost the merge feast. Then we lost this reward like it definitely was very emotional because we all feel very very hungry,” castaway Shantel Smith said in a confessional.

Erika’s fellow castaways loved the tribe name and pointed out that the name has a double meaning. It can mean hungry in the literal sense or hungry for the win. In the clip, Erika said that naming the merge tribe was “on her Survivor bucket list.”

Erika Explains Why She Will Win This Season

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly in August 2021, Erika revealed why she thinks she will win ‘Survivor.’

“I’m going to win Survivor because no one is going to see me coming,” Erika told the outlet.

Erika played an under-the-radar game until episode six when Jeff Probst rewarded her with a game-changing power.

Erika told Entertainment Weekly she thinks being underestimated her will work to her advantage.

“I’m by far the smallest person on the cast,” she told the outlet. “So I think that people think that I am a non-issue and I’m not going to be a threat at all. I think there’s a lot about me that can set me up to win the game, but I think the number one trait is that I am not scared of anyone.”

Erika revealed that she plans to lay low for as long as she can because she knows she will become a big target once her strategy is revealed.

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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