‘Survivor’ Launches Official Fantasy League


This year, “Survivor” is introducing a fun, interactive game for fans to play along at home as season 41 airs. Here’s what you need to know about the “Survivor” fantasy league that launched on Facebook in time for the upcoming new season.

It Is Mobile Only So Far

In a recent Facebook video from Jeff Probst, “Survivor” announced that “this season, you can play Fantasy ‘Survivor’ right here on Facebook!”

Probst teased, “Predict winners, form your own league with friends or play in a public league against other ‘Survivor’ fans. Visit the fantasy games bookmark on Facebook to play.”

We searched high and low on our desktop version of Facebook for “fantasy games bookmark” and could not find what we were looking for. It turns out that the fantasy games bookmark is only available on mobile right now, so fire up your iPhone or Android phone. When your Facebook homepage launches, click on the three little lines in the top right-hand corner, then scroll down. We had to hit “see more” to get the right bookmark to pop up.

When you click on “Fantasy Games,” the “Survivor” choice is one of the first that pops up. That’s where you can sign up and make your picks for the two-hour premiere.

How It Works

Survivor 41 | Exclusive First LookA new era of Survivor is here and this is going to be more difficult and more dangerous than ever. Survivor – new season Wednesday September 22 on CBS.2021-09-09T20:46:25Z

The description says, “Each week, you’ll get to select a new team of castaways. You’ll score points for things they do or achieve in that week’s episode.”

You can also answer bonus questions, like “will it rain during the episode?” or “will a castaway break an alliance?” or “will someone catch a fish?” Points will be awarded for correct answers, five points for each question and varying points for things your chosen castaways do during the episode. The ways castaways can score points are as follows:

  • Finds an advantage or an idol — 10 points
  • Survives the episode — 5 points
  • Their tribe wins a reward or immunity challenge — 5 points
  • Makes an alliance — 4 points
  • Catches something thrown by Jeff — 3 points
  • Gets a solo interview — 2 points
  • Hugs or shakes hands — 1 point
  • Every use of the word “Survivor” — 1 point
  • Every use of the word “alliance” — 1 point
  • Carries tree branches or supplies — 1 point

After each episode airs, points will be awarded and there will be a master leaderboard that includes everyone who is playing. You can also create your own league and challenge your friends. If you’d like to play in the “Heavy on Survivor” league, click here and see how you fare against our “Survivor” experts!

“Survivor 41” is almost here and it sounds like it will almost be a brand-new game. In a teaser video, Probst said that the time off for the pandemic “led to us creating a new game that is much more dangerous.”

“You could refer to it as ‘Survivor 2.0,’ you could call it ‘Dawn of a New Era,’ which it is. You could refer to ‘Survivor 41’ by saying ‘drop the 4, keep the 1’ because this is a brand-new game. All of these are true,” said Probst, adding, “Here’s the best way to think of this new version of ‘Survivor.’ ‘Survivor 41’ is like the monster in a horror movie and if you’re a player, it’s coming for you. So either you devour the monster or the monster will devour you.”

We can hardly wait. “Survivor” returns for its 41st season on Wednesday, September 22 at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on CBS. The 42nd season will air in the spring of 2022. Seasons 43 and 44 are casting now, so if you’ve always wanted to apply, now is your chance!

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Miska Upton
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