Heather Aldret On Whether She Would Have Won ‘Survivor 41’

Heather Aldret Survivor 41

YouTube Heather Aldret in "Survivor 41."

Heather Aldret, the fourth-place finisher of “Survivor 41,” landed just short of getting the opportunity to plead her case to the jury on last week’s season finale. In the episode, she was chosen by final 4 immunity winner Xander Hastings to compete in fire against Deshawn Radden, who just edged her out in an extremely close competition.

Had she won the challenge, she would have had a chance to plead her case to the jury alongside Erika Casupanan, who won the season, and Xander. Several members of the jury have spoken out against Xander’s gameplay, making it unlikely he would win in virtually any scenario. Erika had several moments during the show when she contemplated taking Heather out due to the similarities in their gameplay; she feared that the jury might view their games as indistinguishable and as a result the vote would be split. Though many fans questioned this judgement and were widely sceptical that Heather would pose any type of threat in the finals, it turned out that this may not have been entirely true, and that Heather may have been more of a threat than the edit portrayed.

Recently, Heather weighed in herself on whether she had a chance going into the finale, and spoke out about some of the season’s most iconic moments that had fans talking.

Here’s what you need to know:

Heather Didn’t Think She Had A Chance

In her Rob Has a Podcast exit interview on Thursday, Heather revealed that she didn’t believe she had a shot of winning going into the final 3, at least alongside Xander and Erika.

When asked if she thought her winning the final 4 fire-making challenge against Deshawn would have changed the outcome of the season, she replied very frankly that she did not. “No,” she said, “I do not think that I would have won. I did not have great jury management, and they didn’t respect me or my game.”

Although it may be true that she wouldn’t have won in that particular final 3 arrangement, she may be underestimating her own chances overall. Ricard Foyé, the only other contestant eliminated in last week’s episode and a vociferous advocate for Erika as a jury member, revealed in an interview with Parade on Thursday that he believed Heather was the only other person in the final 4 deserving of his vote.

“I knew that I wanted Erika to win,” he explained, “and I was going to do anything in my power to ensure she won. I just felt that Erika and Heather played the best game of the four remaining. And depending on which of the two of them were to outlast, that’s who I was going to be rooting for.”

So it turns out Heather had the respect of at least one jury member. Had Erika been on the jury, it likely would’ve been two. And if Ricard’s words are any indication of the jury’s thoughts at large, perhaps the season would have looked entirely different had Heather taken Erika’s spot in the finals. In any case, Heather is happy with the way her game ended. “I went out the way I think I should have gone,” she said.

Heather Reveals The Truth Behind Deshawn’s ‘Truth Bomb’

Survivor 41 episode 12 tribal council

YouTubeDeshawn Radden drops his “truth bomb” in episode 12 of “Survivor 41.”

In the season’s penultimate episode, “Truth Kamikaze,” Deshawn ignited what he called a “truth bomb” when he revealed in front of the final 6 and the jury that Erika had actually plotted with him to take out Heather, her number one ally. This resulted in a backlash from other players, most notably Erika, and a fair amount of disrespect from the jury.

Although the finale made it seem as though Heather was resentful toward Erika for the revelation, Heather revealed that that was in fact not the case at all, and that there was more to Deshawn’s “truth bomb” than the edit revealed.

On RHAP, Heather divulged that Deshawn had actually informed her of his “truth bomb” hours before that Tribal. She explained, “what you did not see is that Deshawn had actually pulled me aside earlier that day and disclosed every bit of that [information] to me one-on-one in person. And so I knew that going into Tribal, and I thanked Deshawn for telling me.”

Heather also disclosed that even she and Erika had discussed the revelation earlier, though she did not give details on how that conversation began. “[Erika and I] had talked about it earlier,” she said, “we knew…it was going to happen, [but] I didn’t think it was going to happen that soon, and I didn’t think that she was going to cut me out that soon.”

Heather went on to explain that as a result, she wasn’t upset with Erika in particular. She was just upset that Deshawn had unloaded such a big piece of information so quickly and so publicly:

When he unloaded that at Tribal I was upset on different levels. Because again, you don’t know that I’m friends with Deshawn…so I didn’t understand why this friend would do that to try to hurt that friend [Erika]…and I found out later he wanted to shake things up and try to put a wedge between us, but it backfired ultimately, because that was just so messy and uncalled for.

With regard to the scene in the finale where Erika wanted to talk to Heather about the incident, but Heather responded, “No comment,” Heather clarified that she was not angry with Erika:

Never once was I mad at Erika. I know the show made it look that way when I said I didn’t want to talk about it; I just needed to process what was going on. I was never mad at Erika, ever, not once. I was upset with Deshawn for doing that to her.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. Be sure to catch season 42 when it premieres March 9, 2022.

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