‘Survivor’ Couple Shares Grief Journey After Losing Their Baby

Jaclyn Schultz Misch and Jon Misch of 'Survivor: San Juan Del Sur'

Instagram Jaclyn Schultz Misch and Jon Misch of 'Survivor: San Juan Del Sur'

Survivor contestants Jaclyn Schultz Misch and husband Jon Misch shared some heartbreaking news with their fans right before Christmas. They had lost their baby to a miscarriage. Understandably, they took a break from social media to grieve and work through their tremendous loss.

They have now shared a heartrending update with their fans about their experience.

They Were Able to Spend Time With Harper When She Was Delivered

In an Instagram post, Schultz Misch wrote a tribute to her daughter, whom they named Harper Kelly Misch. The Misches were able to spend time with her after she was born.

Harper Kelly Misch came into the world with a still heart at 4:25pm on December 19th while beautiful chunky snowflakes fell outside the hospital window. Time felt slow & somber. She had Jon’s lips and my eye shape and toes. We’re so grateful for the time we were able to spend with her in our delivery room, admiring every inch of her sweet little soul.

Immense sadness & heartbreak, but so much love. The soft smile she had on her face will be cemented in my memory forever – a reminder that the first thing she felt was the warmth and light of God’s love. She only knew love.

Schultz Misch also wrote that having a heart beating inside of you is “such a miracle” that makes us human and gives us “the chance to fell and give love during our short time on earth.”

The Couple Thanked Everyone For Their Outpouring of Support

Schultz Misch also wanted to thank everyone who offered words of support, especially the women who reached out to say that they had experienced the same loss.

“We’re truly at a loss of words for the army of people who have lifted us up in this time of absolute grief & confusion,” wrote Schultz Misch. “Thank you. Truly, thank you. I am comforted by the women that have said, ‘It happened to me too.’ This grief can be matched with loneliness when society asks us to suffer these losses in silence, which makes the burden heavier to bear. I see you. I sit beside you. I cry along with you and I send you my love. Thank you for sharing your stories & making us feel less alone.”

In the comments on the post, fellow Survivor contestant Sierra Dawn Thomas, who just announced her own pregnancy back in November, wrote, “I have prayed so hard for you over the last couple months and will continue to do so. Your perspective is truly admirable, you’re an incredible woman.”

Schultz Misch Said Harper’s Loss Was All The More Painful Because They Were ‘So Close’ After All These Years

The Misches were using a gestational surrogate for Harper because Schultz Misch has a rare condition called Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) Syndrome. When a woman has MRKH, she has an underdeveloped or nonexistent uterus and vagina but typically will still have functioning ovaries. Therefore Schultz Misch was able to have a biological child by using a gestational surrogate.

But it has been a long road for the Misches nonetheless because they have had to make many attempts at their surrogate being able to carry a baby to term. They thought with Harper they were home free at 20 weeks and were “blindsided” by the loss.

“We were… so. close. Half way there… at 20 weeks, planning a gender reveal only to be blindsided by her loss. Every single test was normal. We will never know why,” wrote Schultz Misch.

She thanked the MRKH community for their letters and said that they have not lost hope for the future. She ended with a Biblical quote from Proverbs: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart & lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, & he will make your paths straight.”

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