‘Survivor’s’ Jeff Probst Reveals ‘Educational’ Research For the Show

Jeff Probst on the set of 'Survivor'

CBS Jeff Probst on the set of 'Survivor'

Host Jeff Probst recently discovered that old seasons of “Survivor” are on Netflix and he sat down to check out “Heroes vs. Villains” for “a couple of minutes.” The next thing he knew, he had watched the whole thing, which he called “educational.” Find out why below.

Probst Says ‘Heroes vs. Villains’ Is a Good Season to Examine

In a clip from a Cameo Probst recorded for a fan, he talked about revisiting “Heroes vs. Villains,” which is one of the shows best seasons, and why he found it “educational.”

“I thought, ‘I’m just gonna watch a couple of minutes, see what the show looks like,'” said Probst. “I get into episode one and five days later I had watched the entire season and it was really educational because it reminded me of things we’ve done that maybe we should do again, or things we did that maybe we should never do again!”

He added, “It also reminded me just of the gameplay and the personalities — I mean, Boston Rob, ‘I’m a villain?!’ — that kind of stuff, really fun to watch.”

Probst is not the only cast member to recently revisit “Heroes vs. Villains.” Sandra Diaz-Twine, who won that season, also recently discovered it was Netflix and chronicled her rewatch on Instagram, with hilarious results.

We Wonder How That Affected Seasons 41 and 42

WARNING: Light spoilers ahead for the upcoming 41st and 42nd seasons of the show. Do not keep reading if you want to stay completely in the dark about those seasons.

There are two interesting things about this Cameo video. First, Probst has said that for the third decade of “Survivor,” they are kind of getting back to basics — making it harder on the castaways the way it used to be in the early seasons. Inside Survivor has said the tribes won’t be given rice or flint and rewards will be “minimal,” plus challenges are going to be more extreme and more physically demanding.

We wonder how much Probst rewatching “Heroes vs. Villains” played into that decision because that was sort of the turning point where “Survivor” went from being super-hard to being what old-school players lovingly refer to as “Survivor: Hilton,” in a nod to how “cushy” they think the game is nowadays. In fact, Probst actually referred to season 41 as “a monster in a horror movie,” that’s how hard he says it is going to be.

Secondly, a reliable CBS spoiler account, SpoilerGirl1, recently said that the network and production are talking about reviving past season themes like “Blood vs. Water,” “Fans vs. Favorites,” and “Second Chances.”

Could that talk have stemmed from this as well? And would the show ever consider doing a “Heroes vs. Villains 2.” What would be cool is if they did do “Heroes vs. Villains” again but made a rule that no one who was in the original “Heroes vs. Villains” cast could participate. So, same format, but all “new” people, so to speak. It was so successful the first time around that we would think a second version also has major potential.

“Survivor” returns on Wednesday, September 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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