Jeff Probst Talks ‘Survivor’ Finale Plans

Executive Producer Jeff Probst returns to host 'Survivor' when the Emmy-winning series returns for its 41st season Sept 22.

CBS Executive Producer Jeff Probst returns to host 'Survivor' when the Emmy-winning series returns for its 41st season Sept 22.

If you’re wondering what “Survivor” is going to do for the season 41 finale, host Jeff Probst has offered a little bit of insight into the “dilemma” they are facing in regards to that due to the risk of having a live audience.

Probst also talked about his wild new “mullet” and why they started breaking the fourth wall this year, which is something the show has never done before.

The Season 41 Finale

In an interview with “Entertainment Weekly,” Probst was asked about whether the show will have to hold a virtual finale like it did for “Winners at War,” which was filmed long before the pandemic but then the pandemic hit and they couldn’t hold a live finale. So Probst read the votes from a set in his garage, which was admittedly a little anti-climactic.

For season 41, he said it was a real “dilemma.”

“[W]e faced our own dilemma when it came to deciding how to handle the final Tribal Council and the reveal of the winner … this was more risk versus risk! Should we risk it and do what we always do in the hopes we can do a live finale back in the states? Or do we risk it and announce the winner in the jungles of Fiji and hope the secret stays a secret? What would you do? You’ll have to watch to find out what decision we made,” said Probst.

In case you’re curious, we don’t know who the winner is, but we do know what the show chose to do. Click that link to find out but be warned of spoilers as to the decision the show made.

Probst also cheekily said that if we think his hair is long this season, just wait til you see it in season 42.

“[My] hair is longer because like so many of us, I didn’t get it cut during COVID. As it grew, I was reminded how grateful I am to still have hair, so why not grow it! And then I decided to keep it. And on location, there was no way to cut it anyway, so by the end of ‘Survivor 42,’ I have a pretty damn impressive mullet!” said Probst.

Probst Discusses Breaking the Fourth Wall

“Survivor” is trying a new thing this season where they are showing viewers the crew setting up shots and challenges, plus Probst has addressed the viewers by looking at the camera and speaking to them directly.

Probst told “Entertainment Weekly” in a separate interview that they thought it would “be fun for a fan to see” just “how many people it takes to make” the show. In a related Instagram post, Probst also revealed this season that there are only four original crew members left on the show.

“The long-term plan is to bring the fans inside the game a bit more each season, but the key is to do it very judiciously. So it will only be occasionally in ‘Survivor 41,’ then a bit in ‘Survivor 42.’ And like everything else we do, this too is an experiment. If it works and people like it, we’ll keep on with it, and if it doesn’t, we’ll lose it,” Probst told “Entertainment Weekly.”

As for the camera-talking, he realizes that that is a “nutty, risky experiment,” but they “love the idea” of doing it and they’re waiting to gauge fan reactions, and then they’ll “adjust accordingly.”

Probst has also been doing something fun over on his Instagram page, posing “what would you do” scenarios to fans, like asking them if they would put themselves in the “puzzle role” during a challenge, or if they would ever allow their alliance to use their name as the decoy vote?

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on CBS. The 42nd season will air in the spring of 2022. Seasons 43 and 44 are casting now, so if you’ve always wanted to apply, now is your chance!

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