Go Inside Jeff Probst’s ‘Survivor’ Favorites

Jeff Probst on the set of Survivor: Winners at War

CBS Jeff Probst on the set of Survivor: Winners at War

It feels like ever since the first all-stars season, Survivor has leaned heavily into casting returning players, so it might surprise fans to learn that there have only been 13 seasons with returning players out of the 40 seasons that have aired.

Two of the most popular returning gimmicks have been “Second Chances” and “Heroes vs. Villains.” In an interview with IMDB TV, host Jeff Probst was pressed as to which one will happen next and his answer might surprise you.

Probst Says Second Chances 2 Is More Likely

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When asked, “What will happen next, Heroes vs. Villains 2 or Second Chances 2?”, Probst said, “Second Chances,” which is a little surprising because Heroes vs. Villains was an incredible conceit for the show and delivered an incredible season.

However, “Second Chances” might be easier to cast. There are probably quite a few more castaways who, for whatever reason, had a disappointing season their first time out and would like a second shot over castaways who were very successful in their hero or villain roles. Plus, some of the classic heroes and/or villains from the game may not want to return anymore if they played a long time ago.

Survivor: Cambodia, which was the first “Second Chances” season, was a good one. It saw Jeremy Collins win unanimously over Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox. The cool thing about casting this season is that all 20 castaways were voted in by the fans out of a pool of 32. That would be a fun gimmick to repeat.

But “Heroes vs. Villains” was such an iconic season. Surely, the show could rustle up 10 heroes and 10 villains who want another shot.

But Probst Also Said He Prefers All-New Seasons to Returning Seasons

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Even though Probst said that he thinks “Winners at War” is the best season the show has ever done, he did also say that he prefers newbie seasons.

“Ultimately, [I prefer] newbies because that’s the bread and butter of the show — finding new people that you want to invest in and then every so often, bringing somebody back because you have invested in them,” said Probst.

Probst also revealed he prefers the final three format to the final two format “because the final two allows you to drag the loser and three makes it a little more complicated.” He also said he prefers three tribes to two tribes cause “the more you can slice it and dice it and complicate it, there’s always at least one person who makes a move and they go, ‘Oh, I might like this tribe better.'”

Finally, Probst’s favorite filming location was another surprise. He chose Kenya, Africa because the wildlife reserve they were on was so incredible.

“It was the freakiest, weirdest thing. ‘How are we in this Shaba National Reserve doing this show called Survivor?! I think that was just another giraffe that went by,'” said Probst with a laugh. “It was nuts.”

Survivor hopes to film seasons 41, 42 and possibly 43 in the spring of 2021.

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