‘Survivor’ Fans Are Surprised by This Contestant’s New Look

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Fans of “Survivor” may remember “Survivor: Guatemala” contestant Judd Sergeant for his caustic attitude, short temper, and memorable New Jersey accent. In fact, he may be remembered best for his legendary final words after he was blindsided by his allies Stephenie LaGrossa and Rafe Judkins: “Thanks guys. Hope you guys all get bit by a freakin’ crocodile.”

Although fans of “Survivor” haven’t gotten to see much more of Judd since his one-time appearance on the show’s eleventh season, there are now a few recent photos of Judd circulating online that have fans comparing the 51-year-old doorman to a mob boss.

Fans Think Judd Now Looks Like Tony Soprano

In 2019, Judd re-tweeted a photo that he took with a fan, apparently in the hotel at which he works as a doorman. Recently, the photo resurfaced on Reddit, with the caption of the main post saying: “So… Judd (Guatemala) became Tony Soprano?!” Referring to the iconic protagonist of HBO’s “The Sopranos.”

One top comment on the post re-hashed an imaginary conversation between Tony and one of his capos, Paulie Gualtieri:

Paulie: Hey tone, dis Judd guy on survivor kinda looks like you

Tony: ah jesus chwist Paulie, he looks nothing like me

Judd’s most recent Twitter posting, in June 2021, was another photo of himself, in which he stands in front of a tree with a clenched fist, looking similar in appearance to one fans were commenting on.

Judd Drank an Entire Pitcher of Wine in 1 Gulp

Judd Sergeant

YouTubeJudd Sergeant in “Survivor: Guatemala” (2005).

In a 2020 “quarantine questionnaire” with EW, the iconic “Survivor” player gave an update on his life: he explained that he was still working as a doorman at the same hotel he’s worked at since he was on “Survivor” in 2005 (also the same he’s been working at since he was 18), but that, “Because of COVID, my hotel has been closed and slowly opening their doors. I’ve been spending a lot of time with family and loving every second.”

He also explained that his daughter, who he mentioned frequently during his time on the show, was about to graduate from Montclair State University, in New Jersey. He added that his wife, who appeared on the show during a loved ones visit on the episode which would turn out to be Judd’s last as a contestant (he would go on to be the season’s fourth jury member), had since had “four brain surgeries,” but that her appearing on the show and getting to spend time with him on the island was a “dream come true.”

When asked about a memorable moment that didn’t make the air, Judd revealed that, during the reward Judd, who was then 34, went on with Stephenie and Bobby Jon Drinkard, he was so thirsty he drank an entire pitcher of what he assumed was water, “but it wasn’t water,” he explained. “It was white wine, all in one sip, and later on. Thank God the cameraman wasn’t awake.”

Although many fans have taken to roasting Judd in the years since his appearance on “Guatemala” (with one Tribal Council – in which the short-tempered Judd spends nearly the entirety of the video interrupting everyone while criticizing fellow contestant Margaret Bobonich for saying he doesn’t listen – being labeled “the most iconic ‘Survivor’ moment” by fans), Judd said he was “okay with the edit. What you see is what you get. I’m definitely not shy, no filter.” He added that he was “definitely more mature” now.

When asked if he ever regretted going on the show, Judd replied, “Absolutely not,” and when asked if he would ever return, Judd enthusiastically replied: “YEAH MAN OF COURSE I HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR THAT PHONE CALL.”

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on CBS.

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