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“Survivor” winner Kim Spradlin-Wolfe has revealed an exciting new chapter in her life — she has her own HGTV show premiering soon. Here’s what we know about the project so far.

Spradlin-Wolfe Is Filming a Renovation Series for HGTV and It’s All Thanks to Her ‘Survivor’ BFF

In an Instagram post, Spradlin-Wolfe revealed to her fans that she is in the middle of filming a renovation series — and it all got started because of fellow “Survivor” contestant Chelsea Meissner.

“Word is out and I’m filming a renovation series for HGTV. I’m very excited I don’t have to be oddly vague about it anymore. A couple of years ago @highnoonent reached out to me after seeing @chelseameissner58 house and asked if I’d be interested in doing this??? I said yes, but I really had no idea what I was getting myself into,” said Spradlin-Wolfe.

For those of you who don’t know, High Noon Entertainment is an arm of ITV Studios and is the production company behind “Cake Boss,” “Fixer Upper,” “Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet,” “Ayesha’s Home Kitchen,” “Good Bones,” and “Playhouse Masters.”

In early 2018, Spradlin-Wolfe and Meissner, who now stars on Bravo’s “Southern Charm,” collaborated on renovating Meissner’s home in Charleston, South Carolina. “Southern Living” profiled the renovation. Meissner called it a big job, but she really wanted her home “have character, be welcoming, and feel cozy … it’s relaxed with a bit of funk.”

Meissner and Spradlin-Wolfe met on “Survivor: One World,” which Spradlin-Wolfe won and Meissner finished in third place. In an Instagram post about the renovation, Meissner wrote of Spradlin-Wolfe, “Six months ago today I embarked on an intense home renovation project. Not having a clue what I was doing, I clung to my best friend and talented designer, @kimspradlinwolfe She has been there every step of the way and has turned my 1960’s fixer-upper into my dream home.”

Spradlin-Wolfe Says Filming Her Own Renovation Show is As Hard As ‘Survivor’… and Childbirth

In her Instagram post, Spradlin-Wolfe also said that filming her show has proven very difficult but she “can’t wait” to share it with her fans.

“I would put this right up there with ‘Survivor’ and childbirth,” said Spradlin-Wolfe, who is a mother to three children. “But, we’re two houses down, we have five to go, and I’m surrounded by a team of kick-a** people who are willing to see this thing to the end! Can’t wait to share it with all of you:).”

Spradlin-Wolfe’s “Survivor” family is over the moon for her. Meissner wrote on Instagram, “Giddy as a goat! HGTV isn’t going to know what hit ’em!”

Ethan Zohn wrote, “Congrats! So excited to see all of it!” and Kat Edorsson and Sandra Diaz-Twine also offered their congratulations.

Wendell Holland wrote, “This is AWESOME! Congrats!”, to which a fan replied, “Can we get a ‘Survivor’ meets HGTV collab?!”

Holland also recently launched his own HGTV show called “Hot Mess House.” It aired six episodes in June and July 2021, so maybe there could be a “Survivor”-HGTV collaboration in the future! They could also reach out to Boston Rob Mariano, who has worked construction for years and is soon taking part in new CBS show “Secret Celebrity Renovation.”

There is no word yet as to when Spradlin-Wolfe’s show will premiere (or what it is going to be called), but based on a separate Instagram post, she is working with San Antonio company Reasonable Remodelers. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

“Survivor” returns on Wednesday, September 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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