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Maryanne Oketch

YouTube Maryanne Oketch in "Survivor 42."

The past two seasons of “Survivor” have been relatively unusual for a number of reasons, not least of which being that the usually live reunion show instead took place right on the island. As a result of this, there was no winner’s montage to celebrate the winning games of Maryanne Oketch or Erika Casupanan in “Survivor 42” and “41,” respectively.

Luckily, however, fans have taken to the task and done the important work of honoring our under-the-radar Canadian masterminds for us. Here’s what you need to know:

Maryanne’s Winner Montage

Survivor 42 Winner MontageFan Made Winner Montage for the winner of Survivor 422022-05-27T19:09:45Z

Maryanne’s winner montage, posted by user amb97survivor on YouTube, highlights the growth of Maryanne, who started off as a “weird” and somewhat insecure player, and grew into a formidable and dominant strategic force.

“The reason why I think I’m here is because I’ve always struggled with, like, self-esteem issues, because I was a pretty weird kid growing up,” Maryanne said in the early days of the show, in a clip which was included in the montage above. “‘Survivor’ is a way where not only I can go and test my own limits, but I can show to people as well, ‘Hey! Look at you, you’re someone who’s weird who didn’t have to change themselves to succeed.”

Indeed, as Maryanne pointed out in the on-island reunion show, she never even went into the game expecting to win, despite her superfan status. She believed she would have placed around 8th and would have been at peace with that. Naturally, it was right around this time in the game when Maryanne made her biggest move in blindsiding her number one ally – Omar Zaheer – at the final 6, putting herself in a prime position to win.

“The title of Sole Survivor, and the growth that you get to get to that title,” Maryanne said. “That’s what I’m here for.”

Erika’s Winner Montage

After the 2021 win of Erika Casupanan in “Survivor 41,” Twitter user @Ari_bacher posted a minute-long video highlighting her own winning game. She re-tweeted it, saying she was “excited and thankful” for the “talented” fan for making it.

Erika did not play a dissimilar game to Maryanne’s – one which she described a number of times as her “lion dressed as a lamb” strategy. “Getting into the game, I’m gonna be an animal that’s let out of its cage,” Erika said near the beginning of the game, in a clip which was included in the montage.

Erika’s game started off with a bang, leading her tribe Luvu to an incredible comeback, alongside eventual runner-up Deshawn Radden, as the two dominated the puzzle portion of the first immunity challenge, moving their tribe from dead last to first in a challenge in which only the first-place finishers received immunity (second and third both had to go to Tribal Council). Thus began the beginning of a winning streak for Luvu, who never had to go to Tribal and went into the “fake merge” in episode 6 fully intact with all six players.

“As much as I wanted to keep this innocent act up,” Erika said in the montage, “I’m still ready to take off my little lamb costume and show my teeth a bit more.”

Erika received quite a bit of attention at the “fake merge,” when she chose to smash the Hourglass and “turn back time,” giving herself and half of the other castaways immunity who did not have it before. She, along with her number one ally Heather Aldret, then navigated through the rest of the game, forming a game-changing alliance with Ricard Foyé and Xander Hastings at the final 8 to topple the dominant “All-Black alliance,” led by Shan Smith (who was blindsided that night, in part by her own allies). In the end, Erika made it to the end with Xander and Deshawn, whose games the jury had little respect for, and won in a blowout 7-1-0 vote.

One person who did snuff out Erika’s hidden skill was her Luvu tribemate, Deshawn. “I’ve always been a little apprehensive of Erika,” he said in a clip included in the montage. “Her Survivor IQ is high, even though she tries to make it seem like it’s low.”

Of course, it was Deshawn’s ability to snuff out Erika which made her see him as a valuable asset, which is in part why he made it to the end. However, unfortunately for Deshawn, his detection skills were not enough for him to take home the win.

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. Season 43 will be premiering in September 2022.

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