‘Survivor’ Castaway Recalls Having 600 Sand Flea Bites

The cast of 'Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance'

CBS The cast of 'Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance'

Two-time “Survivor” castaway Monica Padilla recently shared a story from “Samoa” that was so startling it even freaked out the cameraman who was filming it. Read on to find out what happened and also how production had to help her out because the sand fleas were laying eggs inside her skin.

Padilla Said a Beheaded Chicken Clucked

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In an interview with “Entertainment Weekly,” Padilla revealed two interesting things that didn’t make it to air when the shows were on TV.

During her first season, “Samoa,” season 19, Padilla said a beheaded chicken clucked at her and it was so startling that the cameraman got freaked out.

“In Samoa, I had to de-feather a chicken after the boys beheaded it, and in the middle of de-feathering it – mind you it was now headless – it freaking clucked! I was so shocked! Even the camera guy looked at me like, ‘What the HECK?!’ And they aren’t really supposed to interact with us or react to anything,” said Padilla.

Then in season 31, “Cambodia,” her second time playing, Padilla said that the conditions were so awful on the beach that she had over 600 sand flea bites and eventually production had to intervene.

“In Cambodia, my body got attacked by sand fleas and I was covered in bites and welts. I was bored waiting to start a challenge and counted over 600 bites. They were so itchy and painful! I guess they started to lay eggs in my skin, and it was getting infected because production gave me an antihistamine and they rarely give you anything. They try to keep the game intact and stay true to ‘surviving the elements,'” Padilla recalled.

Padilla also revealed that her biggest regret from the show was how hard she played during “Cambodia,” which led to her early elimination.

“I regret going in a bit too aggressively on ‘Second Chance.’ It was such a whirlwind being out there again, I wish I had really connected with more of the players and not tried to play so hard to play the game right off the bat,” said the castaway.

Padilla Also Said Returning to Normal Life Was Difficult

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As is the case with a lot of castaways, returning to the real world after filming “Survivor” was a challenge. Padilla said that after her first season, she came home with the terrible habit of eavesdropping on people and also “couldn’t stop eating” after being so deprived of food during filming.

“After my first season, … [I] found myself eavesdropping on conversations back in the real world — in restaurants and even stores. I was out to lunch with a girlfriend and was like, ‘Oh that table over there is going to the music awards as guests!’ My girl was like, ‘Ummm, is this a new thing we listen to strangers’ conversations??'” said Padilla.

She continued, “I also couldn’t stop eating and gained about 40 pounds in a month, got an eye infection, and developed an allergy to laundry detergent.”

Finally, despite being “so bummed” that she “didn’t do better in the game and was voted out early” the second time she played, Padilla gave an unusual answer when asked if she would play “Survivor” again: “Nope.”

Most castaways say they would absolutely return to the game, so that’s a bit of an uncommon response.

“Survivor” returns for its 41st season in September 2021 — most likely the 15, 22, or 29.

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