Will Nina Twine Return to Survivor?

Nina Twine

YouTube Nina Twine in a promotional video for "Australian Survivor: Blood V Water" (2022).

The newest season of “Australian Survivor” has had fans all across the world excited, in part because of the season’s “Blood vs. Water” theme, and the appearance of two-time winner Sandra Diaz-Twine alongside her 24-year-old daughter, Nina.

Although Nina quickly became a fan favorite just like her mother, especially among American viewers, she unfortunately had to be medically evacuated on Sunday’s episode due to an ankle injury. With Sandra’s elimination the week prior, the Diaz-Twine’s family “Survivor” arc has come to an end, at least for this season. However, many, including Nina herself, feel as though her arc was cut short, and that she should have a chance to compete again. So, would she accept an invitation? Lucky for fans, Nina addressed the issue in a recent interview.

Nina Made Strong, Lasting Bonds With Her Tribemates

Nina Twine Australian Survivor

Network 10Nina Twine among members of her Blood tribe in episode 10 of “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.”

In an interview Monday with Who Magazine, Nina spoke about her experience on and departure from “Australian Survivor,” and whether she would like to return.

When it comes to her ankle, Nina said that she is “about 95% healed.” Given that the season was filmed between October and November 2021, Nina’s evacuation would’ve taken place in late October, meaning that Nina has had about four months to heal. “My ankle is doing really, really well,” she said.

Any viewer of the season would have noted that Nina’s game was cut too short, in part because of the incredibly strong bonds she had with contestants on both tribes, who were in tears when she was told she had to go. “They’re really, really supportive,” Nina said of her Australian cast members. “Those connections really, really mattered to me because for the last year and a half I’d just been going to work and coming home … so that was super, super cool for me.”

Although she said during the episode that she “can’t decide if this is worse than being blindsided,” she revealed in the interview that she has come to peace with the way she went. “Maybe that’s a blessing that I went home the way I did,” she said, “because I didn’t have to anything super mean or backstab-y to anybody, so I’m on good terms with everybody, which is really, really nice.” She also added that she is already planning a trip back to Australia to hang out with her former cast members. “I just want to hang out with everybody while I can,” she said.

Nina Would ‘Absolutely’ Return to the Show

Nina Twine on Australian Survivor episode 10

YouTubeNina Twine injures herself during a reward challenge in episode 10 of “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.”

When asked if she would ever return to “Survivor,” Nina was enthusiastic about her response: “Absolutely. I one hundred percent would.” She added humorously, “if that slide comes up again, my tribe just have to understand I ain’t doing it,” referring to the slide challenge in which she injured her ankle.

Although Nina and Sandra were the only Americans on the season, American viewers of the show still have plenty of people to root for. Thirteen contestants remain, and the merge and jury phase will begin next episode. The 13 contestants include four pairs of loved ones (including married couple Sam Gash and Mark Wales), and 5 single contestants. How the rest of the season will play out is anyone’s guess, though in the two U.S. “Blood vs. Water” seasons – seasons 27 and 29 – the “singles” tended to unite together against the loved ones pairs after the merge. Both times, a “single” (i.e. someone whose loved one was eliminated pre-merge) won the game.

In an interview with Studio 10, Nina said that, although she doesn’t know who wins, she is rooting hardest for Josh Millgate and Shay Lajoie, her two closest allies during the game. “I will say I was the closest to Josh and Shay out there, so I really, really hope they make it down to the final few,” she said. They’re my top picks, Josh and Shay.”

“Australian Survivor” airs Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights on Network 10 for Australian viewers. American “Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. The two-hour season 42 premiere will air on March 9.

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