Ozzy Lusth Makes A Wild Claim About ‘Survivor’

Ozzy Lusth on 'Survivor: Game Changers'

CBS Ozzy Lusth on 'Survivor: Game Changers'

Fan-favorite “Survivor” castaway Ozzy Lusth has raised some eyebrows with a video he made claiming he was actually on five seasons of the show, not four. Here’s what he said and why fans are freaking out about it.

Ozzy Claims He Was Edited Out Of A Season and Fans Can’t Tell If He’s Joking


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Most “Survivor” fans know that Ozzy has played the game four times — “Cook Islands” (season 13), “Micronesia” (season 16), “South Pacific” (season 23), and “Game Changers” (season 34). But he is now trying to pull a fast one on fans, claiming he was edited out of a fifth season.

In a TikTok video, he posts a question where a commenter asked him, “Did you play 4 times?,” to which he replied:

You guys are not gonna believe this, but I’ve actually played five times. The last time I played, I did something so outrageous that, well, let’s just say I’ve been stricken from the record and I’ll probably never play again. Was it worth it? Oh yeah, ’cause I went far and what they had to do to get rid of me? It’s nothing short of a miracle.

He ends the video by asking, “What season do you think it was?”

‘Survivor’ Fans Are Freaking Out

Fans on both TikTok and Reddit are very confused and cannot tell if he’s lying or not.

“I need to know moooore,” wrote one fan on TikTok. Another wrote, “We absolutely need a story about this! What happened?”

Several others chimed in asking what season he was edited out of and blasting him for teasing them and then leaving them hanging.

Over on Reddit, one fan says he sounds pretty believable, writing, “At some points, it reminds me of the way he lied at the Redemption Island Arena in front of Upolu and how obvious it was, but at other times it kinda comes off as believable. This is crazy.”

Another fan responded, “No. He’s a terrible liar, that much hasn’t changed,” and another wrote, “He’s just joking around y’all. CBS would make sure we all know he played again.”

One person thought it would be next to impossible for a show to edit someone out completely, citing the season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” where they had to edit out Sherry Pie and they “did the best they could,” but “they still weren’t able to edit the person out completely,” so they don’t think there’s any way “Survivor” could have pulled this off.

Another user pointed out that he said “the last time” he played, implying that “Game Changers” was not his last season. But since “Game Changers” was season 34, there aren’t that many seasons to pick from that he could be talking about.

The only season after “Game Changers” that featured returning players was “Edge of Extinction,” which welcomed back Aubry Bracco, Joe Anglim, David Wright, and Kelley Wentworth. But if Ozzy had been there, they would have started with 19 castaways. “Survivor” never starts with an uneven number — the only season that happened was in season 14, “Fiji,” where a woman named Mellisa McNulty had to withdraw due to a medical reason right before filming started. It was too late for the show to replace her, so instead, they sent one person to Exile Island before the first challenge and that person had to join the losing tribe after the challenge was over.

Ozzy might have actually been able to pull this prank off if he hadn’t said “the last time” he played. But even then, the show just does not start an uneven number of castaways. So, it seems like Ozzy has to be trolling his followers.

But there are a lot of fans, especially on TikTok, who think it’s real and desperately want to know more. Guess the joke’s on them. But also, the Reddit thread had quite a few fans who were surprised to learn that Ozzy now makes his living producing adult content on OnlyFans. Ozzy is just full of surprises lately!

“Survivor 41” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on CBS. The 42nd season premieres Wednesday, March 9, 2022. Seasons 43 and 44 are casting now, so if you’ve always wanted to apply, now is your chance!

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