One ‘Survivor’ Challenge Had to Be Filmed Twice

The cast of 'Survivor: Panama'

CBS The cast of 'Survivor: Panama'

In a recent interview, Cirie Fields revealed that during “Survivor: Panama,” one challenge had to be run again because of a big screw-up on the part of the production. Read on to find out what it was and why Fields says she was “blessed” by the show.

A Puzzle Challenge Was Unwinnable For One Team the First Time

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In an interview with “Entertainment Weekly,” Fields revealed that there was a snafu on the part of production during one challenge on “Survivor: Panama” and it was only thanks to Aras Baskauskas’ keen observational skills that let their tribe get a do-over.

Fields recalled:

In Panama, there was a challenge, and you had to go in the water, dive down, get puzzle pieces, bring them back to this circle, put the puzzle together to win the challenge. Originally, my team lost the challenge, and Aras, being the big brain that he is, started saying, “We couldn’t have won the challenge. It’s not fair because one of the pieces is wrong.”

And Jeff, because you know, Jeff gets [snark and back talk] a lot of times from a lot of us, Jeff was heated and was like, “Well, go get it! If you’re so smart, go get it and show it to me!” And [Aras] did, and he was right! So we repeated the challenge and we won. So thank God for Aras’ brains on that one.

We know “Survivor” has to cram a lot of footage and events into a 42-minute episode of television, but we’re sad that that didn’t make it to air. It would have been really interesting to watch that play out and see the castaways have to run the challenge again.

But that’s not the craziest thing that happened during “Panama.” Fields’ castmate Danielle DiLorenzo previously revealed that a kilo of cocaine washed upon the beach!

“A kilo of cocaine with a little red flag on it rolled up on the island in Panama,” said DiLorenzo. “It was wild!! It was just floating in the ocean. Shane [Powers] ran out and grabbed and tried to open it to see if it was good (LOL!) and the producers immediately confiscated it. It was hilarious!”

Fields Said She’s ‘Very Blessed’ By the Edit She Got On the Show

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Not every “Survivor” castaway appreciates the edit they end up with when the show finally goes on the air, but Fields has absolutely nothing bad to say about hers — which makes sense, she is a beloved player. But she actually thought she could have been on the villains tribe during “Heroes vs. Villains,” which is hilarious.

“I feel that I was blessed and I feel like they were super, super, super generous in the edit because when they asked me about ‘Heroes vs. Villains,’ I wasn’t really sure what side I would be on. Because I know me and I know that I could have been portrayed either way, in my own opinion,” said Fields.

She continued, “Yes, I do everything with a smile because I’m a likable fun-hearted person, but am I thrilled all the time? Am I the nicest person all the time? If you asked my husband and kids, they’d probably say, ‘eh.’ So I think my edit was very gracious and I feel like I was very blessed to receive the edit that I got.”

Fields also said she’s still in touch with a lot of people from her seasons, including Eliza Orlins, Michaela Bradshaw, and even Shane Powers, whom she famously butted heads with on the show.

“Believe it or not, I just talked to Shane yesterday. After Shane got over his feelings and picked them up, put them back together, me and Shane got pretty cool. So I talk to a lot of people, some sporadically, but I talk to Shane quite often,” said Fields.

“Survivor” returns for its 41st season in September 2021 — most likely the 15, 22, or 29.

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