‘Survivor 42’ Twists & Advantages: Who Has What Going Into the Merge?

Survivor 42 Summit

CBS Jenny Kim, Maryanne Oketch, and Drea Wheeler attend "The Summit" in the "Survivor 42" premiere.

As fans of the most recent “Survivor” seasons know, the CBS reality series is now rife with a plethora of twists and advantages (which you can keep track of here), many of which are entirely new to the show. With twelve contestants and a number of different twists remaining on “42,” we thought it’d be best to break down what twists and advantages are left, and who has what, in light of the merge (or at least a “fake merge”) episode next week.

Here’s what you need to know:

5 Contestants Currently Have Advantages, & 1 Has No Vote

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is the “Advantage Amulet,” which was introduced back in episode 1, but has hardly been mentioned since. In the premiere Drea Wheeler, Hai Giang, and Lindsay Dolashewich all obtained possession of the Advantage Amulet, which grants them a certain amount of power, depending on how many are left in the game. At 3, it is an extra vote, at 2, it is a Steal-A-Vote, and with 1, it is a full idol. As a result, all three contestants currently have an extra vote. That may (and likely will) change down the line.

Note that the Advantage Amulet may only be played with all other Amulets remaining in the game; however, now that the merge is approaching, the three will finally get to reconnect and use them. However, they will likely also be targeting each other given how their power increases the fewer Amulets are in the game. How this will all play out is currently unknown, though it will be interesting to watch.

As seen in the premiere, both Drea and Maryanne Oketch chose to “Risk” their vote at The Summit; since Jenny Kim decided to play it safe, the former two now have idols.

Although the three people who found the Beware advantage (Drea, Maryanne, and Mike Turner) were not able to vote, they now have their right to vote restored – as well as an active idol – due to all three phrases being said last episode.

In addition, Omar Zaheer will have no vote at the next Tribal Council, due to his choice to “Risk” his vote at The Summit in episode 3. Chanelle Howard, who was there with him, also chose “Risk,” but already attended the Tribal where she wouldn’t have her vote, later that same episode.

As a result, here is the breakdown of the advantages (or disadvantages) that each contestant has as of episode 6:

  • Drea has three: an idol, an extra vote, and the “Advantage Amulet” (currently an extra vote).
  • Hai has the “Advantage Amulet” (currently an extra vote).
  • Lindsay has the “Advantage Amulet” (currently an extra vote). 
  • Maryanne has an idol and an extra vote.
  • Mike has an idol.
  • Omar Zaheer has no vote at the upcoming Tribal.

At Least 2 More Big Twists Are Likely Approaching

If “Survivor 42” continues to mirror “41,” we will see at least two more big twists in the coming episodes: the Hourglass twist, and Do or Die.

The Hourglass Twist is likely to reappear next episode, meaning that one lucky (or unlucky) contestant will have the opportunity to “turn back time” and render six players – who were previously immune due to winning an immunity challenge – vulnerable, giving the other six (including themselves) immunity. After that, the remaining 11 will have a real merge, and the jury phase will begin.

The final 6 is likely to see the reappearance of the “Do or Die” twist, meaning that contestants will be given a choice to compete in that episode’s immunity challenge. Whoever decides to compete and goes out first will be given a one-in-three (which, in a Monty Hall-style problem, then turns to a one-in-two) chance at safety.

It is currently unknown as to whether production decided to keep the Knowledge Is Power advantage in the game; by this time in season 41, it had already been introduced, so if it will still appear, it will be on a different schedule than “41.”

“Survivor 42” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on CBS. The three-hour finale will air Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

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