‘Survivor’s’ Ricard Foye Reveals What Kind of Game Heather Aldret Really Played

Ricard Foye and Heather Aldret

CBS Ricard Foye and Heather Aldret

“Survivor” player Ricard Foye revealed some rather surprising information about Heather Aldret’s game in season 41, including that he would have actually voted for her over Erika Casupanan if she was in the final three. Read on to find out what he said and how fans are reacting.

Ricard Said Heather Put In The Work & It Didn’t Make It To Air

In an interview with “Drop Your Buffs,” Ricard was asked what his relationship was like with Heather and what did we not see about her game — and his response was pretty surprising.

“People really underestimate [Heather]. She played a good game — I’m not gonna say it’s phenomenal, but she put a lot of work into plans,” said Ricard.

He went on to explain how he thinks Heather played a very similar game to himself because she was kind of the idea person behind Erika’s moves.

“I admire her because I feel like she was very similar to me. Shan was a force of her own and she could come up with amazing strategy on her own if that’s what she wanted to do. But us as a duo, I was really good at [strategy] and she was good at making it happen and so we were a really good team. I feel like [Heather] was that with Erika, and so she would come up with some pretty good ideas and Erika was the one who would implement them,” said Ricard.

He then drops this bombshell — “I have to give her credit. If it was Erika and Heather in the final three, I would probably vote for Heather.”

Considering how vocal Ricard was at the final Tribal Council in praising Erika’s game, that is quite the statement. But his explanation is almost more jaw-dropping — he said it’s because Heather was always in danger of being voted out, which is something viewers never got any sense of when the show aired.

“Erika had a lot of luck on her side — and I don’t think that’s something to discredit her, but it’s still a lot of luck on her side. And I know people would then make the argument of ‘Well, Heather didn’t need the luck because nobody was trying to take her out.’ That’s actually B.S. Everyone wanted to take out Heather,” said Ricard.

He continued, “Naseer tried to take out Heather. Tiffany tried to take out Heather. Shan tried to take out Heather, and Danny could not stand her and wanted her out multiple times and she was able to find a way to stay in the game. So she needed to stay safe. That is why she participated in challenges when we could’ve gotten rice. She didn’t just do that for fun. She felt unsafe and she put in the work to stay in the game and I really give her credit.”

This is honestly kind of astounding to hear. I cannot remember a single other season where afterward it felt like the editing was so off. Viewers had absolutely no sense of Erika and Heather as some mastermind duo — that’s why it was so surprising when Erika won over Xander! And it seemed like Heather barely did anything in the game, let alone constantly save herself from being voted off. It is infuriating that the show did them so dirty in the editing room.

Fans Are In Disbelief

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On Reddit, fans cannot believe that the producers didn’t show any of this to the viewers.

“Can’t believe how atrocious the editing was this season, we missed out on so much,” wrote one fan, to which another replied, “I’m not even sure if I’d still be watching without all the podcasts filling in all the gaps production leaves behind. I’m looking forward to the deep dives, I want to know the whole story.”

Another fan wrote, “It’s ridiculous to me [they] would prioritize [advantages] over showing the relationship between a winner and their closest ally,” to which another responded, “The relationship between Heather and Erika had more impact post merge than the advantages. The storyline of this season would have been clearer.”

One viewer sort of defended how hard it is to edit the show without giving away the winner, writing, “The editing was great at creating suspense because I legit had no idea who was winning in the wake of Shan’s blindside … At the same time, the editing left a lot to be desired showing what was actually going on. They particularly dropped the ball on justifying why Erika won, because of how many casuals don’t seem to understand it and think Xander being their favorite means he should win. And, as we know, Heather was given the shaft unfairly, in part because the fire-making heartbreaker would’ve incited riots if Heather had been one of the most popular people this season. I do hope that gets Probst to ditch it for good. So it’s hard to find the right compromise. How do you tell the story of why __ won without it being too obvious? And how do you characterize so many people in a short program littered with dumb twists and advantages that hog airtime? It’s a very hard job.”

All we can say is — we hope they do a better job with season 42 because the editing for season 41 was absolutely absurd.

“Survivor” returns for season 42 on March 9, 2022. Seasons 43 and 44 are casting now, so if you’ve always wanted to apply, now is your chance!

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